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  • Scotland_beauty

    Truth can stop Scotland sleepwalking to catastrophe

    For the sake of Kirsty's future, Scotland should vote no to independence. Or maybe she wants to grow up in a declining country with poor job prospects; an isolated and angry country. Is that what Kirsty wants? Is that what Scotland wants?

    by Steven George-Hilley - 14 September 2014
  • Putin_tough

    The West's Russia policy is a shambles

    The West's policy towards Russia, over Ukraine and elsewhere, is a shambles because we don't know what we are dealing with, and don't care enough to know what we are dealing with. In short, we're not serious

    by Robin Mitchinson - 14 September 2014
  • Muslim_sex_slavery

    Sexually enslaving kids: A Muslim-world problem

    If you thought the terrible sex-slave scandal in the English city of Rotherham was an exception you'd be sadly wrong. Muslim groups all over the world have been committing similar atrocities, ignored by mainstream media

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 13 September 2014
  • Musselburgh_rally

    The rise of Scotland the terrible

    Some elements of the Scottish pro-independence campaign have harnessed, for political purposes, the social volatility which until now has played out in gang warfare and football rivalry. Not a pretty sight; but telling

    by Tom Gallagher - 13 September 2014
  • Qatar

    Qatar as the world's biggest financer of terror

    Qatar controls enormous financial resources – some say $200 billion in financial reserves. Qatar can be called the world’s largest funder of terror, giving money to the various affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood, not least Hamas. If the cash doesn't dry up; neither will the terror

    by Michael Curtis - 12 September 2014
  • South_africa_poverty

    South Africa’s grim economic future

    The Pistorius trial has focused the world's attention on its judicial system and its gun crime problem. But for most South Africans there is a daily grind and a grim economic future that the media has largely ignored

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 12 September 2014
  • Juncker_sly

    The EU's cynical ruse

    With the EU's latest sly ruse, David Cameron, along with the rest of the political establishment, has been outfoxed by an age-old game of expectation management

    by Jack Wharton - 11 September 2014
Editor's picks
  • Isis_fighters

    A coalition of the unwilling to defeat the Islamic State

    About eight million Iraqis and Syrians live in areas ISIS controls. It is the richest terrorist organization in the world, and has about 10,000 fighters. Building a coalition to destroy it is essential, but it’s going to involve some very strange bedfellows. Can Obama build a coalition of the unwilling?

    by Michael Curtis - 11 September 2014
  • Scottish_wave

    Consequences if Scotland leaves the UK

    It is up to Scotland whether it wants to go independent. But there are major consequences. John Redwood MP explains how the UK would have to negotiate with Scotland. Is the Yes campaign aware of this?

    by John Redwood MP - 10 September 2014
  • Benin_poverty

    Shame of fake EU climate change "aid" to Third World

    It is quite staggering that the EU is "helping" poverty stricken countries in Africa by pumping taxpayers' money into, wait for it, "green energy". The figures have to be seen to be believed

    by Luke Stanley -  9 September 2014
  • Parthenon

    Can Greece be rescued?

    With vast levels of unemployment and a slump in the size of the economy of over a quarter since 2008, Greece looks in dire shape. But radical free market remedies could yet save the country

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  9 September 2014
  • Nato_summit

    Sadly, the truth is NATO is not fit for purpose

    With the possible exception of France, the continental European members of NATO are too weak to defend themselves against serious attack. Even Britain is starting to free ride on the US security guarantee. It can't last

    by Robin Mitchinson -  9 September 2014