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  • Vittorio-casamonica-funeral

    A gangster’s funeral, Italy style

    Mafia supremo Vittoria Casamonica was buried in a manner that looked like something from the Godfather. In fact, it sounded like it too as, incredibly, the streets of Rome rang out to the theme music to Mario Puzo's famous movie. Only in Italy..

    by Tim Hedges - 25 August 2015
  • Iran_nuclear_deal

    Iranian nukes: a bad deal we'd be foolish to reject?

    For sceptics, there is a depressing logic to the Iran nuclear deal. If it is trashed by Congress on the grounds Iran will not mend its ways, Iran will probably push harder for nukes, and sanctions will go anyway. It's a bad deal that we've got to accept, however reluctantly

    by Robin Mitchinson - 23 August 2015
  • Grima_wormtongue

    H Clinton and J Corbyn: The fine old art of dissembling

    Hillary Clinton and far-Left Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn may not seem to have much in common. But one thing they share is the capacity to engage in outright dissembling to worm their way out of revelations about their behaviour

    by Charles Crawford - 22 August 2015
  • World_vision

    World Vision needs to quit anti-Israel battlefield

    World Vision, the Christian charity, has blurred vision when it comes to the Jewish state. Its disgraceful propaganda against Israel is shameful in itself and marks a betrayal of the ideals it claims to uphold

    by Dexter Van Zile - 22 August 2015
  • World_champinonships_beijing

    Blood doping: have the guilty athletes already won?

    The allegations of widespread blood doping in the world of athletics have undermined the credibility of the IAAF, but how many sporting heroes have cheated the system and escaped unpunished? Simply offering a three-year ban is not enough

    by Luke J. Harris  - 19 August 2015
  • Calais_immigrants

    Cock-up in Calais

    The West African migrants congregating in Calais are economic migrants, have no business trying to come into the UK, and should be sent back to their European port of entry. As for others, let's cherry pick the most educated and most economically useful

    by Robin Mitchinson - 19 August 2015
  • Lenin_shipyard

    Poles won't strike in London, and don't feel undervalued

    Combine the media lull in the silly season with a pinch of Guardian tin pot lefty ideology and you understand what Thursday's proposed strike by Poles (against Tory and UKIP oppression!) in Britain is all about: it's about nothing; it's a hoax; there won't be a strike

    by Przemek Skwirczynski - 18 August 2015
  • Corbyn_hands_raised

    Jeremy Corbyn’s Magical Mystery Tour

    If the Labour Party chooses Corbyn as leader, it will be a power-play by the worst collectivists in our society to poison the well of intelligent public thought in favour of something little better than witchcraft. It all mirrors the "developed stagnation" of the late Soviet era

    by Charles Crawford - 17 August 2015
  • Tsipras_smiling

    Greece’s painful and irresponsible bail out

    Greece has now got a worse deal than it originally opposed. Let's be clear. It's their fault for wanting to be in a failed single currency. But it's also Germany and Brussel's fault for living in fantasy land. It's all a very European mess, and it's not going away

    by John Redwood MP - 16 August 2015
  • Russia_in_ukraine

    Russia sanctions matter, whatever the Bow Group says

    While Vladimir Putin runs riot through eastern Ukraine, seeks to destabilise any country he pleases, and disregards international law at will, an outfit called the Bow Group, which describes itself as a conservative "think tank", calls for sanctions against Russia to be lifted

    by Daniel Hamilton - 14 August 2015
Editor's picks
  • Labour_leadership_contenders

    Maniac Corbyn is a product of trends from Left and Right

    Corbyn is winning because the centre-Left has been crowded out by the modern Right, and the far-Left, in all its anger and bitter resentment, has summoned up its energy for one last throw of the totalitarian dice

    by the commentator - 13 August 2015
  • Merkel_and_schauble

    Germany: The dominating puppet-master of Europe

    Under German leadership, the EU has become an aggressive beast, no longer willing to try and secure agreements through concessions and negotiations. This authoritarian logic is inherent in a modern European project now clearly run by Germans

    by Chris Carter - 12 August 2015
  • St_thomas'_hospital

    World Health Service or National Health Service?

    The NHS is being ripped off -- which means that British taxpayers are being ripped off -- by non-UK residents getting free care and claiming British money when they go home. This is part of a bigger set of questions, and we must move decisively to answer them

    by John Redwood MP - 11 August 2015
  • North_korea_weapons

    How North Korea made the disastrous Iran deal inevitable

    By any account, the Vienna negotiations were an unqualified success for Iran. The reason for that is simple: America’s failed bipartisan North Korean policy set a model for would-be proliferators on how to negotiate one’s way to a nuclear weapon

    by Michael Auslin - 10 August 2015
  • Doping_syringe_on_athletics_track_shutterstock_nils_z

    Doping: Does the power of sport outweigh corruption?

    With further revelations in The Sunday Times that marathon runners have been using blood doping techniques to cheat their way to victory, Luke J. Harris, a sports historian, asks whether the power of sport can ever outweigh that of corruption

    by Luke J. Harris  -  9 August 2015