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    What are the effects of the decline of the office?

    With the Covid-19 crisis forcing businesses to reduce headcounts, make flexible working mandatory and scrap office space, what does 'the death of the office' mean for companies in the long term?

    by Tushar Agarwal -  2 February 2021
  • Zoho

    Monetising customer data without their knowledge must stop

    With data privacy high on the corporate agenda, tech industry expert Sridhar Iyengar warns against companies cashing in on customer data and explains Zoho's commitment to keeping confidential information secure

    by Sridhar Iyengar -  2 February 2021
  • Bitcoin

    Elon Musk debate: Why bitcoin, why now?

    With the price of Bitcoin surging due to an endorsement from entrepreneur Elon Musk, industry expert Stephen Kelso of ITI Capital discusses the rise of cryptocurrency and its attraction for investors

    by Stephen Kelso -  2 February 2021
  • Brussels_and_flags

    Time for the real Brexit, not corporate nonsense Brexit

    If we are to get the Brexit we voted for and deserve, the Government must turn its back on the lobbyists andGet Britain Out of the European Union without the continual whispering in ears of big corporate businesses

    by Jayne Adye - 22 December 2020
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    Cut through the noise this Black Friday with audio advertising

    With Black Friday deals sending shoppers wild and social distancing rules due to Covid-19 restricting in-person visits, Christian Facey, CEO and Co-Founder of AudioMob argues that audio adverts can help cut through the noise

    by Christian Facey - 27 November 2020
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    How Trumpian anti-Brexit campaigners look today

    Remainers in Britain are guilty of grotesque hypcrisy in criticising President Trump for refusing to accept the legitimacy of Joe Biden's victory. Indeed, Trump is simply following the Remain camp's stance in refusing to accept the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum

    by Jayne Adye - 23 November 2020
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    All I want for Christmas… is an ethical online retailer

    Consumer Affiars Expert Eleanor Thomas notes that the coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in consumer demand for online retail which has served to benefir the large online retailers at the expense of independent businesses. Eleanor argues that in order to support independent businesses we should all use smaller, more ethically oriented online retailers.

    by Eleanor Thomas - 19 November 2020