• Wall_street

    For prosperity? Against inequality? Choose capitalism

    The historical data represents a crushing blow to the Left. It shows that capitalism has not only raised prosperity for all wherever it has been allowed to flourish, but that it has also cut inequality between the various regions of the world

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 21 May 2017
  • Jerusalem

    A Donald Trump 14 Points for Israel and Palestinians

    President Trump should emulate Woodrow Wilson and his landmark 14 points for peace by setting out 14 basic terms and conditions for a sane and lasting deal for Israel, the Palestinians, and the region as a whole. This is what those points should be

    by Michael Curtis - 18 May 2017
  • Theresa-may

    Tories must use victory to revolutionise UK economy

    While mad Jeremy Corbyn appears to advocate an Anglo-Saxon version of North Korea, Theresa May needs to use the thumping majority she is likely to get at the election to reduce the state and reinvigorate free market values and practices. A Tory victory is a necessary but not sufficient condition for UK economic success

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 17 May 2017
  • Parliament

    GE2017 is about what kind of Britain you want

    The forthcoming general election is crucial to the future of Britain, and indeed Europe. There is no such thing as a hard or soft Brexit. What we need is a vision of a strong, independent, outward looking Britain, which works with Europe but sidelines unhelpful Eurocrats

    by John Redwood MP - 16 May 2017
  • Macron

    There's something wrong with President Macron

    Is Emmanuel Macron, possibly with Italy's Matteo Renzi, the future of Europe?Doesn't seem likely. The problems of Europe are too deeply set, and there's no real imagination to put things right

    by Tim Hedges - 15 May 2017
  • Antarctic_ice

    Antarctic ice expansion shows climate models unreliable

    Despite a 20 percent increase in atmospheric CO2, and model predictions to the contrary, sea ice in the Antarctic has expanded for decades. Such observations are in direct opposition to the model-based predictions of the IPCC. This should give pause for thought about climate alarmism in general

    by Craig D. Idso and Pat Michaels - 14 May 2017
  • The_city

    Financial services will be fine after Brexit

    Project Fear and its increasingly desperate adherents keep on predicting that the City will suffer badly from Brexit. Like the rest of their claims, it's all scaremongering, as evidenced by the latest pronouncements from Barclays. Brexit will be a great success

    by John Redwood MP - 13 May 2017
  • Woodside

    Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour doesn’t respect our armed forces

    Following publication in the national media of multiple photographs of Labour activists trampling over Woodside War Memorial in Croydon Central, local Royal British Legion chairman Tony Pearson speaks out against Labour's disrespect

    by Tony Pearson - 10 May 2017
  • Tony-blair-world-hunger

    Nobody wants you back Tony

    Tony Blair has spent so much time snuggling up to dictators since leaving office that he has forgotten what democracy means. His arrogant and clumsy attempts to overturn Brexit will only further discredit the anti-democratic Remain campaign. They're welcome to Toxic Tony, and they deserve him

    by Joseph Hackett - 10 May 2017
  • Macron_victory

    Frexit in a decade? The real warning from France

    The real story of France's elections for the European project is that mass opposition to the EU is now right at the heart of the French political agenda. France is probably where Britain was a decade ago. Frexit in 10 years, anyone?

    by the commentator -  8 May 2017