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  • David_cameron

    Cameron will leave a legacy of bitter division

    The positions of the Brexiteers and Remainers have polarised to such an extent that, post referendum, civil war is almost inevitable. What has been said, can't be unsaid. Cameron will leave a legacy of bitter division

    by Robin Mitchinson - 16 May 2016
  • Christine_lagarde

    The failed record of EU Remain's grand scaremongerers

    In 2007, none of the IMF, World Bank, UK Treasury or Bank of England predicted the forthcoming great recession, brought on by their policies. These same institutions now ask us to trust them in their judgements on UK membership of the EU. Don't!

    by John Redwood MP - 15 May 2016
  • Israel_latest

    Israel: The bravest democracy of our time

    Against all the odds, against history itself (?), against the hatred of all hatreds, the Jewish state has survived and prospered. In the week of its 68th birthday, all free men and women of the world unite to say: God bless Israel, bravest democracy of our time

    by Michael Curtis - 14 May 2016
Editor's picks
  • Container_ship

    Our democracy is not for sale to the EU

    When people see their vote having little effect on the world around them in a time of austerity, but still see big business getting preferential treatment, they lose faith in democracy. This is how the EU is conducting the massive TTIP trade deal with the US. It's another reason to get Britain out of the EU on June 23

    by Ryan Fiske -  7 May 2016
  • Jewish_cemetery

    British politics tested: will anti-Semitism count?

    The vicious anti-Semitism that has taken hold of the UK Labour Party is, today, being put to the test. Will the British people ignore years of BBC/Guardian propaganda and make the anti-Semites pay a price at the polls? Or will Britain descend further into the darkness?

    by the commentator -  5 May 2016
  • China

    Chinese oppression spreads, danger lurks

    China is increasingly turning away from global norms and by extension is heading down a path of more insularity. China is more illiberal, more capricious, and more repressive than at any time since at least the Tiananmen Square massacre, in 1989. Danger here. Democracies in Asia and beyond should take note

    by Michael Auslin -  3 May 2016
  • Treasury

    How UK's EU membership already cost us £200 bln

    Against George Osborne's scaremongering about the losses Brexit might incur, how about considering the vast losses EU membership has already cost us? They run into the hundreds of billions

    by John Redwood MP -  3 May 2016
  • Corbyn_and_livingstone

    Anti-Semitism and Labour's Hitler problem

    Has anti-Semitism now entered the ideological bloodstream of the British left? Bizarrely, Adolf Hitler now seems the favorite reference of the left wingers in the Labour Party. Where will the lunacy end?

    by Michael Curtis -  3 May 2016