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  • Silvioberlusconi_1461376c

    He's back? The nine lives of Silvio Berlusconi

    For all his many faults, Berlusconi is a most remarkable politician. And like all remarkable politicians, just when you thought you'd heard the last of him, he could be back with a bang

    by Tim Hedges - 22 July 2014
  • Mein_kampf

    The re-emergence of Hitler's terrible book

    The great masses of people more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a little lie. Mein Kampf is packed full of big lies. But are those lies still so dangerous that this hateful and turgid tome should be banned?

    by Michael Curtis - 22 July 2014
  • England

    Who governs England?

    The last Labour government attempted to balkanise England and split it up. We must reject that and give England real powers to govern its own affairs

    by John Redwood MP - 22 July 2014
Editor's picks
  • Saltire-and-union-flag-009

    Needing Scotland?

    The English case to keep Scotland in the Union is based on history, politics and sentiment. It is not an economic necessity from England’s point of view, as all the relevant figures show

    by John Redwood MP - 20 July 2014
  • Champagne_and_caviar

    Six astounding examples of Left-Wing hypocrisy

    The Left does not have a monopoly on hypocrisy, but they do have a very large share of the market, as these astounding examples illustrate

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 19 July 2014
  • Islamic_caliphate

    New Islamic Caliphate declares Jihad on … Muslims

    The fanatics in ISIS regard Israel and the Jews as less of a threat than what we in the West call Islamic "moderates". There's a major lesson here that we would do well to learn

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 18 July 2014
  • Cameron's_crumpet

    Cameron's crumpet and (old) politics as usual

    Once it was "Blair's babes"; now it's "Cameron's crumpet". We're back to gratuitous pre-election politics again. Gove went because he was too good, and the Guardian didn't like him. And who's this Brussels bound Lord Hill fellow?

    by Robin Mitchinson - 17 July 2014
  • Alec-guinness-in-the-1979-010

    Spies like U.S.

    The histories of all lands – China, India, Egypt, Greece, Rome – are replete with exploits of spies. In today's world, all countries spy on each other. So why the manufactured indignation about U.S. spies in Germany?

    by Michael Curtis - 17 July 2014