• Merkel

    Petulant BBC continues to struggle with Brexit

    The BBC continues to show that it can't get its head around the idea Brexit is going to go smoothly. In the latest contrived piece of reporting they asked all the wrong questions in a segment on Germany. These people -- the BBC not the Germans -- will never learn

    by John Redwood MP - 15 April 2018
  • Eurofighter

    Slippery Brussels seeking EU army by the back door

    Seizing control of armed forces from the nation state is essential to the creation of a federal super-state. The delusional neo-imperialists in Brussels will lose badly on this when Britain quits the EU, but we should actively scupper its chances anyway because slippery Brussels is trying to get us in by the back door

    by Peter Lyon - 12 April 2018
  • Lord-adonis

    Telling it like it is to Lord Adonis on Brexit

    As he gears up for a debate with Lord Adonis, one of the fiercest rejectionists regarding Britain's democratic decision to leave the EU, John Redwood MP reminds him that democracy can be disappointing when you're on the losing side, but true democrats get over it and respect the result

    by John Redwood MP - 10 April 2018
  • Johnbolton_03292014

    Stop panicking about John Bolton

    John Bolton is an accomplished, very smart person with principled, hawkish instincts on foreign and defense policy. He's wrong about the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but liberal hysteria against him is just that. Oh, and please leave out the comments about his mustache

    by Taylor Dibbert -  8 April 2018
  • Migrants-rome-756310

    Migrating between political correctness and bigotry

    Both Israel and the US are enormously attractive countries to would be migrants from places which offer relatively fewer opportunities to live in freedom and prosperity. Both have to create workable migration policies which are neither concessions to bigotry nor ruled by the aggressive insanity of political correctness

    by Michael Curtis -  6 April 2018
  • Sir_humphrey

    Britain's civil service as an anti-Brexit fifth column?

    Talk of fifth columns can often be hyperbolic. But there is a real concern about institutional bias against Brexit in Britain's civil service. The public has a right to expect its taxpayer funded servants observe strict neutrality, and do not thwart the will of the people by indulging in the fantasies of Project Fear

    by John Redwood MP -  4 April 2018
  • Bardonecchia-127833

    EU's chaotic migrant policies wrecking Italian serenity

    Serenity is a quality you rightly expect in small Italian towns. But the world is as it is, and Europe's migrant crisis is never far from affecting the day to day life of ordinary people, something Europe's insulated political classes seem strangely unaware of

    by Tim Hedges -  3 April 2018
  • Putin

    Britain already showing Brexit foreign policy benefits

    The Skripal case showed that Britain could rally a gloabl coalition without EU help. The EU was initially reluctant, and support from member states remains patchy. This shows global Britain is the right way to go, more proof that Brexit was the right decision and that the EU is a sinking ship

    by Robert Bates - 29 March 2018
  • Salvini_(left)_and_di_maio_will_govern

    EU frets as Italian democracy empowers Eurosceptics

    Both parties in what appears to be Italy's emerging coalition government rightly believe the Euro has been good for Germany and bad for Italy. It won't be a supercharged Eurosceptic onslaught, but rather a chipping away at the EU edifice which one day is destined to fall

    by Tim Hedges - 27 March 2018
  • Flag_latest

    The EU is itself a barrier to trade. We're better off out

    The Remain camp is confused on so many issues, not least trade where the EU is a barrier to prosperity for Britain, and is the root cause of the growing friction with the US. Don't blame Brexit or Trump. Blame Brussels for its flagrant hypocrisy

    by John Redwood MP - 26 March 2018
  • Rawpixel-com-593598-unsplash

    NHS sets aside £1million for GDPR

    NHS Trusts have spent over £1million preparing for the incoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to research from the Parliament Street think tank. Data analytics experts call for trusts to develop blueprints for notification of privacy and data breaches

  • Millennials shaking up the workplace according to Perkbox

    Millennials shaking up the workplace according to new research from employee benefits company Perkbox

  • Police spend over £1.3m on cybercrime training

    UK police forces have spent over £1.3 million training officers and back office staff on the latest cybercrime skills, according to a new policy paper published by the Parliament Street think tank.

  • Chancellor urged to promote digital skills in Spring Statement

    Chancellor Philip Hammond should pledge support to tackle the digital skills crisis to drive productivity and recognise the value of data for driving innovation, according to industry experts

  • EU GDPR costs London councils over £1m

    Councils in the capital are set to spend over £1.2million on the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforced by the European Union to improve data privacy rights and storage of personal information

  • Shock new research shows Antarctic ice growing not melting

    National Geographic has just run an extraordinary story showing, against scientists' expectations, antarctic ice on the Ross Ice Shelf is growing, not melting. This has profound implications for "consensus" views on global warming and its impact

  • UK Councils bombarded with nearly 100million cyber attacks

    International criminal hacking gangs have attacked the security infrastructure of UK local authorities nearly 100million times in the last five years, according to research from data privacy campaign Group Big Brother Watch