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  • Cameron_in_brussels

    Caps on EU migrants are illegal. Got that Dave?

    The Great British Public should not fall for Cameron's parlour trick. Any current plans to cap EU migrants will be illegal under EU law and are not deliverable until after successfully severing our ties to Brussels by getting out of the EU

    by Alan Murad - 21 October 2014
  • Farage_pint

    Quite what does UKIP stand for? Brexit and Nexit

    UKIP these days is less Brexit (though still that) than Nexit. In other words, they're a force for real change. And even though they're working out a manifesto, the party is up for some truly thoughtful ideas. It's Nexit Nige...

    by Robin Mitchinson - 20 October 2014
  • Barroso_shush

    EU is quite clear: No renegotiation for Britain

    Outgoing European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has made it quite clear what everyone but a dunce knew anyway. Britain will get no serious concessions from Brussels. Therefore, we must quit, now!

    by the commentator - 19 October 2014
Editor's picks
  • Hunting_in_italy

    Hunting Italian style

    Thrushes are very tasty on the barbecue. Italy has a very strange way of doing hunting. Armed hunters in camouflage on your doorstep? Shooting your pet cat, as a warning to other cats? That's just the start of it

    by Tim Hedges - 16 October 2014
  • Commons_israel

    How Britain harms Israel-Palestine peace prospects

    The absurdity of the UK parliamentary vote recognising a Palestinian state is that Israel has accepted one for generations, only for that very Palestinian state to be rejected by the Palestinians themselves, who remain committed to destroying Israel

    by Nick Gray - 16 October 2014
  • Sleeping_rough

    Voting for dependency, and poverty

    The Left just does not understand (or doesn't care) that the greatest risk is that people get trapped in dependency. We see that in advanced nations like the US and UK, and the Third World too

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 14 October 2014
  • Farage_laugh

    Apres moi, Le Farage

    Experience has proved one thing beyond peradventure. If your idea of politics is to slag-off the opposition by insult and muck-raking, the electorate will punish you for it. UKIP thus wins every time the old political parties and media show their true and fading colours

    by Robin Mitchinson - 14 October 2014
  • Miliband_the_nerd

    Hopeless Labour vulnerable to both UKIP and Tories

    The Labour party has morphed into a party of anger and of envy, with malicious policies designed to divide society instead of bringing it together. Because they offer working people nothing, they're vulnerable to both UKIP and the Tories

    by Steven George-Hilley - 13 October 2014