• Dresden

    No, the EU hasn't kept the peace in Europe since WWII

    A quick survey of the historical facts makes a nonsense of the widely touted claim the EU has kept the peace in Europe since WWII. It is only since 2004, just 14 years ago, that the majority of European states were even members of the EU. Peace has been preserved by the US presence in Europe and NATO, the rest is Europhile fantasy land

    by the commentator - 12 February 2018
  • Kelly-sikkema-266805_(1)

    It's time to support a safer relationship with the Internet

    From fake news to cyberbullying, the internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for schoolchildren. Much more can be done educate, engage and protect the next generation from harm, argues Rachel Neaman, CEO of Corsham Institute (Ci)

    by Rachel Neaman  - 12 February 2018
  • Jeremy_corbyn

    Corbyn's Labour Party is a threat to Brexit

    The Labour Party is caught between snobbish anti-democratic Remainers and opportunistic Marxists who don't like the EU but are playing a shabby political game at the expense of British voters. The net result is that Labour can't be trusted on Brexit. Their cynical exploits must be exposed

    by Robert Bates -  8 February 2018
  • Luca-traini

    Anti-immigrant violence sets stage for Italian election

    Wanton acts of violence against immigrants are still rare in Italy, but the latest attack has shocked the country. That said, resentment about immigration is starting to kick in, and it may well be exploited at the forthcoming elections

    by Tim Hedges -  6 February 2018
  • Merkel_in_knesset

    Anti-Semitism: The disease that does not disappear

    Many, such as Angela Merkel of Germany, speak out sincerely about the abomination of anti-Semitism. But there are still far too many in Europe who continue to stoke the fires of the most violent form of racism of the modern era

    by Michael Curtis -  4 February 2018
  • House-of-lords_2532888b

    Bring down the Lords if they bring down Brexit

    Brexit, above all, is about reasserting democracy. The anti-democratic posturing in the House of Lords by unelected cronies reminds us radical reform, or even abolition of this outdated relic, may have to be another milestone on the road to reestablishing the sovereignty of the British people

    by Daniel Huggins -  2 February 2018
  • Westminster

    US View: UK has a stronger Brexit hand than it thinks

    The EU is terrified that an independent UK will become more market-friendly and thus put competitive pressure on its member states. It is also horrified at losing EU contributions. Theresa May needs to understand she has the upper hand, and stop behaving like a weakling against Eurocrats who genuinely have a lot to fear

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  1 February 2018
  • Sinking_ship

    Fake news that EU single market boosted UK growth

    Those who seem to think leaving the single market will cause growth to slow need to explain why there was no visible boost to growth when we joined. Project Fear has its alter ego -- Project Fantasy about benefits of EU membership that never actually materialised

    by John Redwood MP - 30 January 2018
  • Flag_latest

    The EU’s doomed plot to halt a real Brexit

    The EU now appears to be aiming to try and keep us within a Single Market-like state, as a de facto dependent vassal, continuing to pay vast sums of money into their ever-inflating, unaccountable budget. This cannot be allowed. We must get Britain out of the EU asap. Out means Out

    by Daniel Huggins - 27 January 2018
  • Rome

    Italy ahead of the elections

    Italy is in that state where you read in the papers that everything is going better but you don’t feel it. All over Europe, and indeed the west, there has been a backlash against yesterday’s men. The forthcoming elections will only bring clarity in the sense it is clear that the chaos will continue

    by Tim Hedges - 26 January 2018

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