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  • Yeltsin_got_it

    Pushing communism onto the ash heap of history

    Socialism has an unmatched track record of failure. It was such a disaster than only a few supposedly high-ranked academics (and Labour leader Jeremy Crobyn) thought it worked

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  7 October 2015
  • Al-aqsa_mosque

    Hate, terror, and the Holy places in Jerusalem

    The international community must challenge the preposterous lie from the "moderate" Palestinian leadership that Israel is planning to harm or destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Innocent Jews are being slaughtered because of it. And the silence of the West, especially the media, helps allow the slaughter to continue

    by Michael Curtis -  6 October 2015
  • Uk_eu_flag

    Conservative Conference: The EU, and UK sovereignty

    A fringe event at the Conservative Party conference debated the crucial issue of sovereignty. The fact is that, without radical renegotation, if we stay in the present EU too long there won't be any real British sovereignty to talk about

    by John Redwood MP -  6 October 2015
  • Poverty_demo

    Poverty, denial, and the Left

    The Left in Britain constantly goes on about poverty. But, when you look at the facts, it has essentially been abolished in Britain, if you exclude Labour areas run according to Corbynite voodoo economics

    by Robin Mitchinson -  5 October 2015
  • European_commission

    Europe and the Conservative conference

    Parochial and silly talk of "splits" aside, the good thing about the Conservative conference is it offers the government an opportunity to remind other members of the EU that behind ministers lies a party and a country that is far from happy with our current relationship with Brussels

    by John Redwood MP -  4 October 2015
  • Fire_at_st._charbel%e2%80%99s_monastery

    The unholy abuse of the Holy Land

    The burning of a Christian church in Bethlehem by suspected Muslim extremists is ignored, while media and pundits persist in old canards about Jews and Christ. It's an unholy mess of bigotry over the Holy Land

    by Dexter Van Zile -  3 October 2015
  • Obama_latest

    The "Obama Doctrine" is just misguided dithering

    Barack Obama's foreign policy is now bound to leave the world a more dangerous place than when he came to office. The so-called Obama doctrine is a manual for inaction which revolves around misguided thinking

    by Taylor Dibbert -  3 October 2015
  • Filey-beach

    The EU’s betrayal of Britain’s fishing industry

    The EU's fisheries policies have been a disaster for Britain, destroying communities along our coasts. We should emulate Greenland, get out of the EU as soon as possible, and revive one of our greatest industries

    by Chris Muspratt -  2 October 2015
  • Obama_putin_latest

    Obama v Putin -- a New Realism?

    As always, President Obama tiptoes around violent contradictions in today’s Islam. Indeed, his speech on Syria showed a confused mind on many things, while President Putin was sharper and more focused. Yet, strangely, it might all coalesce into a deal

    by Charles Crawford - 30 September 2015
  • Putinobama

    Obama must join Putin on ISIL

    Assad may be a monster but ISIL is far worse; a barbaric Caliphate, and an Islamist threat not simply in the Middle East but to world civilization. Putin has got the point. Obama and the West need to get it too

    by Michael Curtis - 29 September 2015
Editor's picks
  • Vw

    The VW emissions fiasco

    The last time VW got so much publicity was over their way of keeping the union bosses happy with lavish parties, prostitutes and Viagra. But the emissions fiasco has quite a story of its own to tell

    by Robin Mitchinson - 29 September 2015
  • Pope_francis

    The Pope and poverty

    Pope Francis’ own native Argentina was once among the leading economies of the world, before it was ruined by the kind of ideological notions he is now promoting around the world

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 27 September 2015
  • Grand_mufti_and_hitler

    The ghost of the Grand Mufti lives on

    In a recent broadcast on a top-rated Egyptian TV show, viewers were told that Jews attack Egypt by, inter alia, manipulating the weather, causing earthquakes, and firing meteors from outer space. There is a sickness at the heart of a political culture that produces such twisted nonsense

    by Dexter Van Zile - 24 September 2015
  • Syed

    Why Parliament Street backs Syed Kamall for mayor of London

    Dynamic, engaged and a beacon of aspiration, the Parliament Street think tank is backing Syed Kamall as the Conservative candidate for London Mayor

    by Clare Ambrosino  - 21 September 2015
  • Factory_workers

    Living wage, minimum wage. Politics vs Economics

    The first effects of a minimum wage set above market levels is to destroy jobs. But the second effect, raising disposable income, can actually create jobs. There's a very fine line when politics and economics go to war

    by John Redwood MP - 21 September 2015