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  • Eu_flag_union_jack

    Sovereignty, power: EU Remain’s deliberate confusion

    A central piece of dishonesty by the EU Remain campaign is that you can "pool" soveriegnty. You can't. You're either sovereign or you're not. Brexit is about retreiving our democracy. We must vote to leave on June 23

    by John Redwood MP - 12 June 2016
  • Sinking_ship

    EU sinking into deeper crisis. Time to leave is now

    Several economies in Europe, including some of the biggest, stand on the brink of massive economic crisis. Meanwhile, these countries have scant political will to address the problems. If we stay in the EU, we are chained to the deck of a sinking ship. Let's man the lifeboats and quit before it's too late

    by Ryan Fiske -  9 June 2016
  • Ecb

    UK risks billions in EU as new Eurozone crisis looms

    There is a massive new crisis brewing in the Eurozone and it would be interesting to hear the Remain camp’s views. For Britain would be stung for billions from bailouts unless we vote to leave on June 23

    by Tim Hedges -  7 June 2016
  • Trump

    In the mind of the Trumpster

    Drastically underestimated, Donald Trump is on the verge of making history. The establishment still doesn't understand that his supporters don't so much love the Trump as despise the establishment itself

    by Robin Mitchinson -  5 June 2016
  • George_osborne

    Osborne's Brexit scaremongering fails to scare markets

    As George Osborne shamefully tries to talk down the British economy through scaremongering about Brexit, the markets are singularly failing to collapse. The fact is, business isn't frightened of Brexit at all

    by Ryan Fiske -  3 June 2016