Loony Left: "Red" Ken Livingstone vs Guido edition

This week's madness, courtesy of "Red" Ken Livingstone, Lemn Sissay via the Guardian, Greenpeace, Professor Matthew Liao, ASDA, John Prescott, and Obama

Not a great idea for Ken to wear a backpack on the tube...
The Humph
On 16 March 2012 09:03


It’s possible that, from now on, Loony Left will simply reserve a slot for London Mayoral candidate "Red" Ken Livingstone; every week seeing as you could set your watch by his antics.

So, what's he been up to this week?

K: @guidofawkes thuggery, pushing ITV camerawoman to ground and stopping @lbc973 interview, has no place in our politics

The above tweet was punched in by Ken himself in response to this video by Guido Fawkes

Now, you’d be hard pushed to find somebody who actually wants a camerawoman to be pushed to the ground (yes, even when BBC camerawomen are in question). That said, this is all a bit rich coming from a man who spends half of his time wooing Iran where, when women are pushed to the ground, they tend to be buried up to their necks and then stoned to death.

Don’t see many tweets from Ken condemning that, now do you?


Lemn Sissay, take a bow, for you are responsible for the most tenuous racial slur of the week.

Writing in the Guardian’s Comment is Free, in an article called “On inter-racial adoption, Cameron is wrong. Colour blindness is a disability”, Mr. Sissay set out to attack inter-racial adoption, framing it as a kind of “internal colonialism”; white exploitation of what he apparently considers a black “resource.”

Before I get carried away, he does stop short of suggesting that white adoptive parents are setting up cotton farms in the "Home Counties" of southern England. But – and this is where we come to the tenuous racial slur – he drops in an absolute bombshell of an anecdote that is more out of place than a fox in a pack of hounds.

Last week, Abby Harrison, a mixed-race woman who has been in care, contacted me via Facebook. On Wigan market there were two gollywogs on two market stalls by two entrances. Abby, who has lived in Wigan all her life and has five mixed-race children, politely asked the stallholder if he would mind removing them. He refused. It seems the users of Wigan market and the council owners don't mind. Cameron is setting out his adoption policy stall in the equivalent of Wigan market, where he knows the majority of consumers will not complain about the policy of fast-tracking black children to be adopted by white families because most of his customers are in fact white.

Oh right…actually, hold on; what?!

Whether we put this down to some kind of chemical synapse malfunction, or just plain left-wing madness, is up for debate.  Regardless, it’s so magnificently ridiculous that David Cameron could almost be excused for replying “I’m not racist! Some of my best friends are black!”


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