Loony Left: "Red" Ken Livingstone vs Guido edition

This week's madness, courtesy of "Red" Ken Livingstone, Lemn Sissay via the Guardian, Greenpeace, Professor Matthew Liao, ASDA, John Prescott, and Obama

Not a great idea for Ken to wear a backpack on the tube...
The Humph
On 16 March 2012 09:03


With all the money they’re rolling in, it’s not often that you see Greenpeace on the wrong end of a mismatch.

But they voluntarily strolled out from the hypogeum and into the amphitheatre in this week.

Live tweeting the UK parliamentary inquiry on protecting the Arctic, Greenpeace took exception to a comment made by Peter Velez (Upstream Global Emergency Response Manager at Shell International).

Velez said that ice could actually help in a clean-up operation, stating that the Arctic’s relatively calm Summer conditions provide a more favourable scenario than, say, somewhere such as the North Sea, to which Greenpeace responded:

Shell: ice provides assistance in an oil spill.Hmm. This suggests otherwise: bit.ly/yez5dm #SaveTheArctic

It seems reasonable to be sceptical of the idea that the Arctic is a logistical bliss, but could the ecowarriors not find a more authoritative source than an article by Frida Bengtsson (who? Exactly)

Frida is actually an Oceans campaigner for Greenpeace's Nordic based in Norway (penny for her thoughts on WWF’s embezzlement scandal in Tanzania) which basically means she sails around on Greenpeace’s taxpayer-subsidised vessels, probably having a great time.

But here’s the rub: when a global warming sceptic, without tangible, scientific credentials, questions the wisdom of, say, someone like global-warming high priest Michael Mann, they’re laughed out of town – “Ha! You fool! Come back when you have a PhD, you pleb!”

But when Frida Bengtsson, who, to all intents and purposes could be described as a pirate, questions Peter Velez – a veteran in the oil game, with over 36 years’ experience with Shell alone – it’s cited as damning evidence?

Must try harder, Greenpeace.


This one is madder than a box of frogs on LSD listening to Led Zeppelin, backwards.

Professor Matthew Liao of New York University has this week “put up for debate” (nota bene: even he is reluctant to “advocate” these ideas) several newly-conceived, left-field means of reducing our supposedly devastating ecological footprint.

The eugenic solutions range from providing pills that give people an aversion to eating meat, to genetic engineering or hormone therapy so that parents give birth to smaller, less resource-intensive children.

Whoa there! Hold your horses Professor!

Shouldn’t we finish that other debate first before we inward 2 1/2 somersault pike into this new, radical one? You know – that long-running discussion mankind has been having in which we’ve been trying to decide whether or not we’re actually responsible for global warming.

Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather be sure before we steam ahead with creating a new race of vegetarian dwarves.


British supermarket chain ASDA – and subsidiary of Walmart for the benefit of our US readers – has gone all PC on Kleenex this week, complaining about the tissue-manufacturer’s decision to slap a great big union jack on its branding, for fear of upsetting the Scots and the Northern Irish.

Apparently believing the Union Jack to be exclusively English, Asda has, ironically, probably caused more offense itself in consigning our Celtic cousins to a bit-part role in the Union with its headless-chicken routine.

One can only assume, in turn, that the bum-slapping supermarket views both the Olympic Games and the Queen’s Jubilee to be events consigned to English hearts and minds.

Do they have PR team?

In any case, in the unlikely event that they are correct in thinking that our Northern and Westerly neighbours really are that sensitive, then a roaring-trade is-a-missing. After all, surely a box of tissues is exactly what they’d need?


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