Loony Left: Ayatollah Livingstone strikes again

The week's madness, courtesy of wannabe London Mayor Ken Livingstone (obviously), Richard Littlemore and Think Progress, The Guardian, Owen Jones, Green Caroline Lucas, Coalition Government, and Syria's Addounia TV

The gift that keeps on giving...
The Humph
On 23 March 2012 14:22


I wanted to side-step Ken Livingstone this week. I really did. But the man is so loony that no sooner had I heard his straitjacket rattling than he’d forced his way into the headline – for the second week running.

So, this week’s antics: Ken has pledged to “cement [London] as a beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of the Prophet” by educating every one of London’s non-Muslims in Islam. Ayatollah Livingstone went on to describe the Prophet Mohammed’s words as “an agenda for all humanity” when speaking at last Friday’s Jummah prayer at the Finsbury Park Mosque.

I hardly need to point out that it’s not the London Mayor’s job to “educate”. And did he really say an agenda for all humanity? He is surely on the wind up. No? He’s serious? Really?!

It’s truly remarkable that some 46 percent of Londoners continue to back Ken. Stunning! I don’t imagine many of them will be reading this, but to those who have braved a visit, may I just ask: are Mohammed’s musings really an agenda you’d like London’s Mayor to focus on?

My goodness, man; stick to transport and tax policy. And pay your own taxes while you're at it

God (Allah?) bless the Left...


Climate change fashionistas simply love to take pot-shots at the Heartland Insitute.

With a stated mission of discovering, developing, and promoting free-market solutions to social and economic problems, the poor beggars are consigned to smears and accusations of being, well, horrible little capitalist bastards.

The latest to take aim is Richard Littlemore, author of “Climate Cover-up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming”. Writing in Think Progress (an outlet of the Center for American Progress), Littlemore took Heartland to task for deceiving Greenpeace into handing over UN climate conference documents to which they had no legitimate access.

“Heartland senior fellow James Taylor then boasted about the scam” wailed Littlemore – highlighting the possible illegality of Heartland’s actions – before claiming that Greenpeace had “initially brushed off the incident as nothing more than you would expect from an organisation [Heartland] that exists to take money from tobacco firms and oil moguls and then misrepresents the health risks of smoking and the science of climate change.”

There’s more: “Heartland also financed a disingenuous climate video in 2008” not to mention the fact that “Joe Bast [Heartland co-founder] also thought it was perfectly acceptable – in fact a public service – when someone broke into the East Anglia University Climatic Research Unite and stole thousands of personal emails”.

The horror! Oh how we despair at these tales of weasel-like deception; of bombastic boasting; of brazen acts of illegality! Thank you Mr. Littlemore for exposing these disingenuous misrepresentations of facts – and how utterly vile that they’re in the pay of a shady agenda! Ergh!

…actually, wait a second; are we talking about the Heartland Institute or Greenpeace here?

Littlemore signs off with: “There is, apparently, one standard for legitimate organizations and scientists, but not one that Heartland has any intention of meeting.”

Can’t. Go. On. Irony overkill.


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