Obama’s move to debunk “birthers” like Donald Trump must show Republicans they can’t afford to put up a clown in 2012

Donald Trump has made a fool of himself over Obama's birth certificate. The Republicans need to take note ahead of 2012.

Trump makes Obama look the part
The Commentator
On 27 April 2011 14:27

About 20 minutes before President Obama went live at the White House on Wednesday finally to put an end to the abuse he has suffered over whether he was born in the United States or not, a nervous  looking Donald Trump staged a hastily convened press event of his own.

In anticipation of Obama’s remarks, and after the White House had released his full birth certificate hours before, Trump scrambled for a face-saving device. He was “honoured” and “proud” he said to have helped the nation re-focus on the real issues such as gas prices and the economy by forcing the president to put the matter of his birthplace to rest.

Oh, please. This sort of clowning around will fool nobody. Trump has personally done everything possible to avoid discussion of the real issues and has seemingly spent every waking hour harping on about Obama’s birth certificate instead.

So when the president came on the air right after Trump had finished speaking to say “We do not have time for this kind of silliness,” it was instantly clear who looked like the level-headed statesman concerned about the issues that matter and who looked like the shifty opportunist simply unfit to sit in the White House.

That is really the measure of what Trump’s obsession with innuendo has accomplished: he is making one of the worst presidents the United States has ever had look like a safe pair of hands. He has behaved on this issue like the kind of clown who, if selected as the Republican candidate, would guarantee Obama four more years in office.

That’s an outcome the United States and the free world can’t afford. This whole ludicrous episode should function as a lesson that the Republicans never forget. 

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