De-contaminating the brand: Time for real conservatism

Forget wind turbine Toryism; now is the time for sensible centre right conservatism, writes Douglas Carswell MP

David Cameron addresses the Conservative Party Conference
Douglas Carswell MP
On 28 March 2012 11:57

With Labour ahead  in the polls, what might the Conservative party do to regain support?

Some advisers in SW1 might think that now is the time to launch a new commitment to fighting climate change? Or how about showing that we have really changed by saying something that will offend our core vote?

Alternatively, now might be the time to offer voters a genuine, sensible centre right conservatism?


Instead of being just another high tax/big promise administration, we could offer voters lower taxes and less government?

True modernisers are those with fresh answers to contemporary public policy problems.

So why not promise to allow voters the kind of choice and competition over politics and public services that they enjoy over other aspects of their lives? Make good on promises to allow open primaries and recall. Re-light the quango bonfire, which seems to have gone out. Make all public officials accountable to the public.

Rather than shy away from immigration as an issue, we might know....spelling out in clear, simple terms that we are going to bring it under control.

Why not call a halt to the failed bailout-and-borrow attempts to prop up the Euro, and sack the fuddy-duddy mandarins that managed to land us the bill? What, come to think of it, would be more modern than giving the people a direct say over our membership of the EU?

Wind turbine Toryism or real conservatism? I know which one I would choose.

Carswell is the Member of Parliament for Clacton. He tweets at @DouglasCarswell. This post was used with permission and originally appeared at

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