Did you know that you're paying for Texans to endorse anthropogenic climate change?

Rick Perry rightly criticises the British Foreign Office for attempting to change Texan minds on climate change

Rick Perry: You won't like him when he's angry
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On 5 April 2012 09:33

Texas Governor Rick Perry may not be the most reliable when it comes to remembering which departments in Washington he would cut, but at least he’s doing a decent job holding British government departments to account.  And that’s more than can be said of Whitehall.

The Guardian is reporting that Governor Perry has a problem with the “Foreign Office for funding an environmental group which aimed to ‘educate’ Texan policymakers about climate science and ‘move them from a state of denial and inaction to one of acceptance and effective action.’”  The group in question?  The Environmental Defense Fund

EDF are famous in the United States for spearheading the campaign that ultimately resulted in the ludicrous decision by the activist U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban the pesticide DDT.  You know, the ban that has resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths across the world?  Considering EDF’s chequered history, who on Earth would throw money at this organization to undertake political advocacy?  Why, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), naturally.

In the so-called age of austerity, one does wonder how on earth the FCO has seen fit to spend British taxpayers’ money on an American organization to lobby the Texas legislature.  Jim Marston, EDF’s Texas director, justified the spending because of people “in Texas, including Governor Perry, who are uneducated.”  Why yes… do continue.  “We wanted them to hear it from the best scientists from the UK, a country that Texans tend to respect.”   It’s not like Americans have never had problems with liberal Brits telling them what to do before (oh wait…), but when the Foreign Office has just experienced a 10 per cent real-terms cut in their budget, can attempts to influence the political discourse in the Republic of Texas really be justified? 

But hold your breath, the problem is much more widespread.  It seems that the Foreign Office is so awash with spare cash that it can afford to splurge lavishly on projects for eco-warriors such as Friends of the Earth to cajole the Brazilian government into supporting “production of and investment in a framework for environmental and social criteria for biofuels production.” 

The funding of green activists and environmental NGOs appears to be a sickness right at the heart of Whitehall.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Department of International Development and the Department for Food and Rural Affairs have all decided to participate in this madness, spending millions of pounds on abstract policy initiatives that really achieve nothing but the overarching anti-growth goals of green activists. 

The left repeatedly claim that calls for austerity from the coalition are ideologically motivated, that as long as the government retains the ability to tax and keep the printing presses going there will always be enough to finance the state’s largesse.  In sum:  what deficit?  Unfortunately, as these departments continue to spend the green on the greens, this Conservative-led government appears to be in full agreement.

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