Loony Left: 'Don't go to the doctor if it harms the environment' edition

This week's edition of Loony Left is, we agree, Galloway heavy again. But who can resist when the man just oozes ridiculousness...?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And so does your carbon footprint!
The Humph
On 6 April 2012 12:19


George Galloway was able to drag himself away from the Provincial Transitional Council of Bradford West this Wednesday evening to appear briefly on 10 O'Clock Live.

If you missed it, it was the usual shtick: Galloway playing the braggart on a panel consisting of Tory MP, Dominic Raab, Lib Dem, Tom Brake, and Labour's Emily Thornberry, assembled to discus his election victory in Bradford West.

That said, there was one takeaway worthy of note - an exchange between Thornberry and the man himself which went as thus:

Thornberry:  I think that if you look at this election people in Bradford East are very angry –

Galloway: “Even in Bradford West!"

Ha! Tell her, George! What a bloody idiot – getting the name of the constituency wrong on live television. Fancy not knowing the difference between Bradford East and Bradford West!

Oh dear...that's just embarrassing; at least she was half there.

“Simple!” thought George, “I’ll just pretend I was hacked! No harm done!”

Nice try. Password now changed

Nice try indeed. Sent via Twitter for iPhone.



From the position of common sense, George Galloway winning an election is pretty mentalbequeathing said election victory the title of “Bradford Spring” takes another sandwich away from the picnic.

Now add thidollop of bat guano to the mix. On George Galloway's election website you can now buy...

Not that he's tooting his own horn or anything, but here's what the site has to say about their brand new luxury apparel: 

"29.03.2012 was a sensational moment in British political history. George Galloway has dubbed his victory in Bradford West the Bradford Spring. There's never been anything quite like it, a party from the Left, outside the Westminster mainstream, turning a safe Labour Seat into a 10,000 majority against war and cuts, for a progressive alternative. Wear 'Bradford Spring' on your chest wherever you are and share in the joy of, for once, the neo-liberal consensus being shattered. 

"AND even better, for every shirt sold we will give one FREE to the army of young helpers, many unemployed, who helped secure the success in Bradford West. A small help toward ensuring the 'Bradford Spring' becomes a change for all seasons."

Although we think we've found made a shirt we'd rather have.

This stuff writes itself.

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