Why is UKIP polling higher than Lib Dems?

UKIP is polling higher than Lib Dems. Here's why, according to Peter Botting

Doom and gloom for Clegg and co.?
Peter Botting
On 19 April 2012 11:30

So, why is UKIP polling higher than Lib Dems? The polling companies have Gigabytes of supporting data in detailed excel tables that would be best read on a 42” wide screen - but let me take a few guesses. 

UKIP appear to have a clear and retail message – and a message that resonates with the man or woman in the street or down the pub. A message with a vision. A message and a vision that has increased credibility and proximity and attainability with every success notched up by the SNP

The UKIP message is basically in sync with what people already think and believe about Europe - that it is taking the mick, taking our taxes and has taken away our power. This is probably not far from the sentiment that has fuelled the successes of the SNP

The UKIP rhetoric is a bit grumpy - and so are most people at the moment. At least they are grumpy when they think about politics and politicians; and stories of EU waste; over-regulation and intrusion aren’t funny anymore when cuts are having to be made in the UK. 

The UKIP message is on the side of people - not politicians. It is a resistance movement - it is anti-politician. It is anti-establishment. Or at the very least it sounds and feels like it. British people love the anti-establishment underdog, the one standing up for the people. Just ask Richard Branson about the launch of Virgin Atlantic vs. British Airways. 

Their leader sounds like he believes what he says. And he sounds angry about politics, the political establishment and the gap between the rulers and the ruled. In fact, he sounds like most normal tax-paying people you can find in any (non-Westminster) pub in the country. Or like most pensioners surviving on state pensions who can’t afford to go in the pub.  

And then you have the Lib Dems.  

How would you mark them out of ten on:

Clear and Retail message?
On the side of the people? In sync with the public?
Principled leader?
Credible and Attainable vision?
Sceptical of Europe?

Perhaps there is your answer.

Peter Botting is a professional corporate, political and personal messaging strategist. He was integral to theNO2AV campaign and helped put the UK Anti-Slavery Day into law. He tweets at @PeterBotting and you can find more of his work at www.peterbotting.co.uk

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