Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Assange

World-infamous advocate of free media, Julian Assange has jumped into bed with the Kremlin and aired his new Russia Today show, "The World Tomorrow". His debut guest? Hassan Nasrallah

Assange speaks with Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah
Emily Schrader
On 19 April 2012 15:21

It sounds almost comical. In an “undisclosed location” somewhere in England, Wikileaks founder (and traitor to Western powers everywhere) Julian Assange conducts his new TV show “The World Tomorrow,” on none other than the Kremlin backed television station, Russia Today.

Assange, who is known for being an advocate of free media, delegitimizes his own beliefs with his newfound associations and again proves himself as a danger to the world through his refusal to stand for anything - not even "open governance."

But wait – there’s more! Assange claims that his guests on the show are people who “don’t normally get a voice.”  Assange’s debut show featured an interview with Hassan Nasrallah, who is the leader of the internationally recognized terrorist organization, Hezbollah.

During the interview, Nasrallah explained Hezbollah’s support for the murderous regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria by claiming that Assad’s opposition isn’t interested in “dialogue” and merely wants to bring down the regime.

Yeah, that happens sometimes when the regime in question slaughters thousands of its own people.

Nasrallah further explained that even in the face of “Israeli and American pressure,” Hezbollah has remained a steadfast supporter of the Assad regime. Of course, Israel isn’t pressuring Syria any more than say, the United Nations, but since Israel is clearly the root of all evil in the region, it’s important they be called out, right?

Nasrallah also noted that the Assad regime has “served the Palestinian cause very well.” Indeed.

But Assange giving a platform to one of the world’s premier terrorists is not the most aggravating aspect of this whole situation; it’s the irony.

The same arrogant little twit who paraded around mouthing off about his service to the cause of openness and accountability – after leaking documents that showed virtually nothing new to the world (including about the Kremlin) – is now working for a TV station that is backed by one of the most historically corrupt and secretive governments in the world.

Russia Today is known for its pro-Russia views, and according to Der Spiegel and Reporters Without Borders, that translates primarily to Kremlin propaganda. The fact that Assange has agreed to work with RT seems to indicate that he doesn’t really stand for “open governance” as he previously claimed with Wikileaks.

Assange has repeatedly stated that he is a “fierce defender of free media” and intends to run for Australian parliament as a libertarian – yet this “fierce defender of free media” has no problem working for the Kremlin?

Assange anticipated the kind of criticism I’m dishing now when he stated that many will say, “There's Julian Assange, enemy combatant, a traitor, getting in to bed with the Kremlin and interviewing terrible radicals from around the world.” Uh, yes. That’s what we’re saying. Because, Julian, that’s what you’re doing.

By the way, what good came of the Wikileaks cable leak? No immense scandal was uncovered. No ring of mass corruption in Western countries was revealed. Really the only thing that happened was that Western powers were embarrassed by some of the personal comments their leaders made. So the leak helped who? Not the forces for good in the world – that’s for sure.

Assange seems unwilling to admit that there is such a thing as right and wrong in this world. In his efforts to promote “open governance,” he has failed to comprehend the simple reality that in order to ward off that which is evil, some things – sometimes – ought not to be immediately made public.

But come to think of it – his newfound associations with the Kremlin indicate that maybe he isn’t such a staunch defender of free media anymore. And the kind of moral relativism that allows someone to associate himself with both the Kremlin and Hezbollah is particularly distasteful. I wonder what unsavory character will show up with Assange next.

Watch the entire show here.

Emily Schrader is a researcher for a pro-Israel education organisation and a blogger at www.danareport.com

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