Israel’s 64th birthday is a party that all freedom loving people must celebrate

Israel’s survival is a modern miracle. But the hostility the country has faced over so many decades is still with us, not least here in Europe

The Western Wall
The Commentator
On 26 April 2012 08:05

It’s once again time to celebrate one of the great successes of the modern world: the re-establishment of Israel in the historic homeland of the Jewish people. On its 64th anniversary, we at The Commentator therefore ask all men and women of decency to join us in saying: Happy Birthday, Israel!

Amid all the joy and celebration, however, we are of course aware that there are far too many men and women whose approach to the Jewish state is anything but decent.

And we are not just talking about the rampant anti-Semitism across an Arab and Muslim world that demonises Israel and the Jews in terms that, in all seriousness, would not have looked out of place in Germany in 1935.

Nor are we simply referring to the Palestinians, whose consistent refusal to make peace forms the ultimate root cause of the conflict, and of their own national tragedy.

In some ways, we are even more shocked and disturbed by continuing hostility to the most important Jewish project of our time right here in Europe.  For many mainstream media outlets – the Guardian and the BBC in Britain for example – Israel has now acquired the status of pantomime villain. Israel is guilty until proven innocent of practically every charge, however outrageous or implausible.

With several notable exceptions in central and eastern Europe, the continent’s foreign ministries are almost universally antagonistic to the Jewish state. While offering rhetorical support for Israel’s existence, the norm is to slam Israel whenever it sees the need to defend itself.

Most European countries‘ slant against the Jewish state during Operation Cast Lead against Hamas terrorists in December 2008-January 2009 is but one of many examples that could be quoted.

There is also a marked tendency to whitewash the crimes and failings of Israel’s opponents. As we reported in an exclusive, it was revealed last week that British diplomats in Israel have not had one single meeting with the Palestinian leadership to protest against their practice of honouring child-murdering terrorists. The Foreign Office does not seem to care.

Unions and NGOs back boycotts. Universities run hate campaigns, often encouraged by the professors that work for them. Establishment think tanks jump on the bandwagon.

To use this piece itself as an illustration, we do not know of another, mainstream UK media outlet other than The Commentator that has taken the opportunity to congratulate Israel on this historic day. If any across Europe have done so, we would be grateful to know who they are.

It is a sorry and shameful state of affairs. And it cannot be allowed to stand.

So, we once again take this opportunity to pledge our support to the State of Israel, to call on the country’s opponents to re-examine their consciences, and to wish the world’s only Jewish State Many Happy Returns.

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