The rise of Leftist Eco-Fascism

Threats to life and limb, property destruction, public smears, curtailing free speech and imposing un-democratic regulatory laws are associated with totalitarianism. The green-shirts of eco-fascism fit neatly into this category

"It's not fascism when we do it"
Peter C. Glover
On 27 April 2012 17:50

I read William Golding’s superb book Lord of the Flies as a kid. It had a lasting impact. Especially about how the thin veneer of civilization, democracy, liberty and prevailing morality can be swept away by a brutish elitist power grab.  It’s the same philosophy that resorts to threats to life and limb, property destruction, public smears, vilifying dissent, curtailing free speech and imposing un-democratic regulatory ‘laws’ to get its way.  

We tend to associate these hallmarks of totalitarian intolerance, vicious rhetoric and Luddite terrorism with brown-shirted National Socialism, red-book toting Communism or radical Islamism; movements alien to Judeo-Christian-rooted Western culture.  But the same kind of rhetoric, threats to dissent and the push to circumvent the normal democratic processes are also close to home among the green-shirts of burgeoning eco-fascism.   

A little harsh? Consider this.

Gaia Theorist and climate visionary James Lovelock has just become the latest high-profile alarmist to admit the movement never actually knew what it was talking about. Lovelock recanted his climate alarmist sins admitting, “The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing”.  True enough. But previously Lovelock was one of many quite prepared to  “put democracy on hold” for the cause (leftie code for ‘stopping you and I from having a say’ and them getting their way).

Since Lovelock’s defection, former alarmist colleagues have been busy trying to find a low-carbon emitting bus to throw him under. In his Forbes blog, environmental writer Steve Zwick claimed Lovelock is “not a climate scientist, let alone a contributor to the IPCC. Most climate scientists cringe when he starts to talk about the climate.” Shame he didn’t warn us before Lovelock went AWOL that he was really a non-believer all along.

But then Zwick is intolerant only to those who disagree with him. Zwick’s combustable rhetoric resonates more with early National Socialism than with Lovelock’s restrained academia. Even as polar bears, penguins, glaciers and icy seas are all reportedly flourishing– all contrary to alarmist predictions – Zwick’s intolerance has an unmistakable Kristallnacht-style resonance. In his Forbes blog, Zwick demands, “Let’s start keeping track of them now, and when the famines come, let’s make them pay. Let’s let their houses burn”. Shocked at reading back his own inflammatory rhetoric, Zwick feebly tries to damp down the public response in various addendum blogs.

Not that we should misrepresent him. Zwick does not advocate burning down the houses of skeptics now you understand. Zwick merely wants to exact revenge after the warming apocalypse breaks, advocating standing idly by as skeptics’ houses mysteriously spontaneously combust. I believe the KKK has a similar policy.

A brief perusal of his Facebook page reveals Zwick is a ‘follower’ and defender of the character of Peter Gleick. Gleick, for the uninitiated, is the environmental scientist who recently hit the headlinesas a proven liar when he impersonated a member of the Heartland Institute – whose crime was to disagree with Gleick on climate issues – to steal some of their documentation. It’s what eco-fascists don’t like to call ‘criminal deception’.

Journalist Alex Lockwood (in the leftwing UK Guardian) proposes “the internet should be nationalised as a public utility in order to contain the superfluous claims of warming skeptics”. Fred Pearce (again in the UK Guardian) demands we “silence the doubters”. At the 2007 Live Earth concert, Robert F. Kennedy Jnr called for skeptics to be “treated as traitors” following this up with the demand that all coal execs “should be in jail for all eternity”.

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