Boris is best for London

With London going to the polls today, The Commentator throws its weight behind Boris Johnson and UKIP

Is Boris a shoo-in today? - Boris receives a pair of Oliver Sweeney shoes
The Commentator
On 3 May 2012 10:03

On the day of the London Mayoral Elections, The Commentator comes to you with what is perhaps a slightly different message from our counterparts at ConservativeHome or The Telegraph.

Indeed, we bring good tidings of Boris’ impending re-election (for we believe it to be all but preordained) but more importantly, gentle guidance for your second preference at the polling station.

When casting your second preference vote, we hope you’ll find it within you to tick the box that reads ‘UKIP’. Not just for the sake of voting for another, conservatively-aligned party, nor simply because of the important message that UKIP carries about Britain’s role on the wider continent. But because as much as the Labour Party requires the spasmodic Liberal Democrat opposition on the left, the Tories need a viable opponent on the right.

Only by lending UKIP your vote(s) will you allow them the requisite fundraising capabilities and national profile that can help them build on their successes and move further into the mainstream. And, Lord knows, the party system in this country needs a shake-up.

UKIP can offer a true conservative alternative to the Tories in the future, or if the Conservative Party itself decides to return to the kind of Thatcherite or previous conservatism that actually won it majorities, UKIP would have been an excellent exercise in whipping the party from the outside-in, rather than thrashing around fruitlessly within the 1922 committee or something similar.

There’s no doubt that London needs another four years of Boris Johnson as Mayor (for it certainly does not need Ken Livingstone) – but what the country needs is for the Conservative Party to see that UKIP has a message that not only resonates with people but also energises them.

Today, you have more than one vote. Do make sure you exercise them soundly

Watch the latest Conservative Friends of Israel video below to hear why many Londoners will be voting for Boris today.

Please note the content of this editorial does not reflect the views of Conservative Friends of Israel, nor of anyone in the video

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