Instant View: Eyes turn on Pakistan

We're not at the end of the War on Terror, but at the verge of a greater entanglement with Pakistan

Pakistan: a beautiful country with a rotten core?
Harry Cole
On 2 May 2011 10:51

Like all good special ops "whackings", this one happened under the cover of darkness. But as the world awakes to the news that the symbolic leader of a "headless" organisation has been shot in the head, let us be clear that there is absolutely no surprise as to where in the world it happened.

Already this morning, there have been those proclaiming that the War on Terror is over. But this is not a day to celebrate. We must acknowledge that at this rate the war could come to Pakistan and thus escalate further. This is a day to take a long hard look at one of our "friends".

So, he wasn’t in a cave. He wasn’t up a mountain. He was hanging out amidst the Pakistani Army. Like every other evil global villain, he was hiding out in a relatively plush villa. The villa wasn’t just on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan but hundreds of miles into the country.

There is no way that more than just a few detainees at Guantanamo knew the location. Osama was hiding in a garrison town, surrounded by soldiers. While some at the top of the Pakistani regime are giving help to the US, the resolve of the Pakistani people doesn't look so strong this morning. This is especially true when you consider that the compound existed for five years before someone managed to notice something was a bit odd.

It’s no surprise that the Pakistanis were not tipped off about the attack before it happened. Powerful elements of their government and security services are not on our side. This isn’t the end game today. Again, it is potentially a serious escalation in a coming war with Pakistan. David Cameron shouldn’t be writing cheques to Pakistan, he should be spending that six hundred million pounds preparing to flush from this broken nation its rotten, West-hating core.

Harry Cole is a writer and journalist and the news editor for the Guido Fawkes blog.  He also writes for Total Politics Magazine.

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