Round-up of the latest on the bin Laden story -- Head of Church of England slams America over bin Laden killing

Now the Archbishop of Canterbury has put his foot in it again, blaming America for killing bin Laden

The Commentator
On 3 May 2011 08:54

On day four after the death of Osama bin Laden, the Commentator brings you the latest developments:

** The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has attacked the United States for killing bin Laden rather than capturing him. Rowan Williams is famous for having said Sharia law is inevitable in the UK.

** Officials say photo of bin Laden shows one eye blown out and part of his skull blown off, revealing "brain matter".

** Osama bin Laden's daughter claims her father was captured alive by US forces and then shot in cold blood.

** SKY news is reporting that the man who bought the land where Osama bin Laden's compound was built has been arrested.

** It now emerges that bin Laden was unarmed when the attack that killed him took place.

** The US is being accused of changing its account of what happened to placate anger in Pakistan. 

** CIA director Leon Panetta says the US didn't tell Pakistan about the operation because the US was concerned Pakistani officials might "alert the target".

** In a major development Pakistan is calling the killing of bin Laden an "unauthorised action"

** David  Cameron says it is clear that bin Laden had an extensive support network in Pakistan.

** Thd White House is mulling release of photos of bin Laden's body, possibly later on Wednesday.

** Pakistan's intelligence agency, the ISI, admits it is embarrassed by its intelligence failures over bin Laden's lengthy presence in Pakistan. 

** Asif Ali Zardari, the president of Pakistan, defended his country's role in the war on terror in an op-ed in Tuesday's Washington Post. He said: "Let us be frank. Pakistan has paid an enormous price for its stand against terrorism. More of our soldiers have died than all of NATO’s casualties combined. Two thousand police officers, as many as 30,000 innocent civilians and a generation of social progress for our people have been lost".

** It has emerged that Barack Obama's team was split on whether to carry out the attack, and that the president himself made the decision to go ahead. On Friday morning he told them: "It's a go."  

** British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday that Britain would not downgrade relations with Pakistan despite the country's apparent failure to do enough in the war on terror: "The right choice is to engage with Pakistan and to deal with the extremists rather than just throw up our hands in despair and walk away which would be a disastrous choice," he told the BBC. Asked about the impact on British policy in Afghanistan of bin Laden's death, he added:

"It is clearly a helpful development, I don't think it will necessarily change any timetables , but we should use it as an opportunity to say to the Taliban, now is the moment to separate yourself from al Qaeda, to give up violence, to accept the basic tenets of the Afghan constitution."

** European leaders have praised the killing of bin Laden. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said it was ''a victory for all those fighting terrorism. Silvio Berlusconi of Italy said it was ''a great outcome for the United States and for all democracies.'' The European Commission said the world was now "a safer place'' calling the killing ''a major achievement in our efforts to rid the world of terrorism.'

** It has emerged that President Obama and his team watched the operation to kill bin Laden live on video.

** Security has been stepped up in Indonesia as terror groups threaten revenge there and across south Asia. An Indonesian website run be a terror supporter called "Prince of Jihad" said of bin Laden's death: "It was his dream to die as a martyr in the way of Allah... Muslims need not worry. With or without Sheikh Osama, jihad will continue and God-willing, other Sheikh Osamas will emerge to replace him.”

** Cabinets across Europe are currently meeting to discuss security risks following killing of bin Laden,

NB: We will update this list throughout the day.

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