Happy Diamond Jubilee, Your Majesty

Let's respectfully salute a lifetime of service to the people

Her Majesty The Queen
The Commentator
On 5 June 2012 13:17

It has been an auspicious weekend for the United Kingdom, and indeed for many people the world over. 

There was scarcely a place in the world you could have hidden from the ceremonies over the past few days as Britain and the world paid tribute to an amazing lifetime of service from one distinctly impressive lady: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

Whether you are an ardent monarchist or a republican at heart, there is little denying that Her Majesty has, for the past sixty years, fulfilled her duty in being a sparkling emissary for Britain, reacting to the most trying of times, cataclysmic changes, and the sad intrusiveness of the international media.

Her reign has not been one without controversy. No one expects a flawless monarch, though, it would be a brave (foolish?) man or woman who could seriously explain how she could possibly have offered and sacrificed more for her people.

But what she has achieved over the past 60 years takes far more than many might think. We can only imagine how taxing it must be to be such a focus on public attention while uploading the air of respect and diplomacy that the Queen has done for many decades.

From wars to nursing homes, school openings to international travels, Britain's Queen has delivered repeatedly for her people, and served tirelessly.

This weekend has not been about sycophancy. It has been about gratitude and genuine respect. It has not been a value judgment on the idea of the Royal Family, but a fitting tribute to a part of modern Britain that continues to remind us of our proud history and presence on the international stage. 

As the long bank holiday weekend draws to a close, and Brits as well as friends of this country, nurse headaches and scrub the damp barbecues, spare just one last thought with us over what it means for Britain to have such an esteemed and indefatigable monarch representing us globally and delivering time and again for Britain and the Commonwealth.

Then, pop one last bottle of champagne with us... "Hip hip, hooray!"  And just one simple thought -- absent of protocol, but filled with the everyday emotions of us all: From men and women of good will the world over: Thank you!

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