Sign the petition: Stop British funding to Argentina

The British government must reclaim its portion of Argentinian aid money - you can help here

by The Commentator on 8 June 2012 08:35

You’ve heard much from us lately on the subject of Argentina, her debt and international aid to the country. Despite widespread public support, the British Government is yet to be fully transparent and steadfast on the issue of  funding to the belligerent nation – a country that has cooking the books on economic statistics, nationalizing private companies and continuing to renege on their debt obligations.

Today, the TaxPayers’ Alliance have launched a UK government e-petition that you can sign to show your support for the campaign.  British taxpayers’ money, it is said, accounts for over £200m of outstanding loans that the World Bank provided to Argentina.

Watch the videos below and make sure you click here to sign up to the petition. Make your voice heard. Make Argentina accountable.

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