Nailing the lid down on the coffin of limited government

Former President George W. Bush shut the lid on the coffin of limited government with his notion of 'compassionate conservatism.' His appointee, John Roberts, has now nailed it shut

President Obama and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
Andrew Ian Dodge
On 29 June 2012 16:30

Washington has literally taxed away our freedom. The Supreme Court of the United States admitted as much this week. Evidently, the only way Obamacare can be sustained under the Constitution is to call its individual mandate a tax.

If this is true, then a blow to the kneecaps with a baseball bat is a tax on mobility. And thanks to the Supreme Court, all of Washington is now endeavouring to kneecap the rest of America.

Faced with a law that is irrational, constitutionally indefensible and morally repugnant, the court's response was not to argue for its rationality, or its constitutional defensibility, or its morality, but instead to rewrite it so that all the worst bits go away.

In other words, the Court wrote their own law and declared it constitutional from the bench. If this is conservative judicial philosophy, I want no part of it.

Former President George W. Bush already shut the lid on the coffin of limited government with his notion of 'compassionate conservatism.' However, now his appointee, John Roberts, has nailed it shut.

But it is not buried. So long as candidates are willing to stand up for liberty, it will never be buried. So long as schoolchildren read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, it will never be buried. So long as free born American citizens breathe the air of this great nation, it will never be buried.

No, no, and forever no. It's not often that I find myself quoting a leader of the Soviet Union, but I am putting President Obama, the Roberts court, and the entire rotten nest of would be undertakers for freedom that is Washington on notice with these words from Nikita Kruschev:

“Like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you."

Andrew Ian Dodge is former Tea Party Patriots coordinator for Maine and a Libertarian candidate for Senate. You can follow his campaign at: @DodgeForSenate

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