This letter from 10 Downing Street may excite you...

A letter from Number 10 Downing Street is sure to excite conservatives

by on 3 July 2012 14:14

Last week one of our contributing editors, John Phelan, wrote an excellent article on Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to talk rubbish to charm the Left.

With his excellent piece still in my mind, I stumbled upon a letter from the Prime Minister’s office that has been published on one of my friend’s Facebook pages in the past week.

I was deeply excited to learn of its contents and figured I’d have to share it with you. It reads:

“The Prime Minister has asked me to thank you for your letter of 18th December. I apologise for the delay in replying.


“I can assure you that the Government is keenly aware of the threats posed by the extreme left, both internal and external to this country, and will take all appropriate steps to counter this menace.”

Robust, wouldn't you agree? Sort of leaves Phelan without a leg to stand on, doesn't it? If the Prime Minister is willing to acknowledge threats from the hard left, and tackle such things in such a forthright way, then why are we all so worried? And why isn't Dave talking in these terms publicly?

I’ll tell you why. Because the letter, as you can see below… is from 1982.

The Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher.

Can you imagine such a communiqué emanating from Downing Street today?

Can you heck.

So when the left tell you that this coalition government is a massive threat to the bloated welfare state, that Dave & Co are the children of Thatcher and that right wingers are launching ideological attacks on the left... send them this letter. In fact - send it to someone right now - along with a sigh and a wish for the halcyon days when conservative leaders stood for something. 

Raheem Kassam is the Executive Editor of The Commentator. He tweets at @RaheemJKassam

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