The lessons from 7/7 have never been more pertinent than in 2012

Britain's role in securing the Olympic Games this summer will be a testament to those who lost their lives on 7/7

The 7/7 Memorial
The Commentator
On 7 July 2012 09:53

In recent days, counter-terrorism operations across the United Kingdom have led to the arrest of a handful of would-be terrorists, armed with guns and other paraphernalia which thus far implicate them in terrorist plots targeted at this summer's festivities in the United Kingdom.

As London plays host to the Olympics this year, our security services and political leaders will no doubt have the terrorist threat at the forefront of their minds. Whether it is foreign-funded and inspired or home-grown, Islamist extremists still pose as serious a threat to the security of the United Kingdom as they did seven years ago today.

While many years have now passed since fifty-two people lost their lives as a result of the atrocities aimed at London's transport system, we cannot for a moment afford to forget the human impact of such an act. The families and friends of those lost remain at the forefront of our thoughts.

Britain this year faces an incredible challenge in securing the millions of people who will flock to the Olympic Games in the coming weeks, while keeping security and policing to a minimum level of intrusiveness, and allowing for the festive spirit of the games to continue.

This is no simple task - as London's transport system is a labyrinth of unsecured entrances and exits, passages and caverns while the Thames, flights paths over the capital and fragility of the road network surrounding the city are all subject to the interest of those who would disrupt the games. 

Seven years on from 7/7, it is becoming ever clearer that Britain as a target for Islamist terrorism was seldom brought out of grudges over Iraq, Afghanistan or perceived notions of British support for Israel. 

No, in fact what is being proved is what many of us have consistently proclaimed as the driving factor behind the intentions and acts of those who would seek to bring harm to our shores. They hate our freedoms, they hate our way of life, they hate Western religions or the irreligious and they import their scorn for women, homosexuals and Jews in their hopes that they can defeat us.

Recently, a report showed how Islamists have begun to use social media as a vehicle for recruitment, or to inspire more lone-wolf attacks. 

These realities must be acknowledged, even if it is politically inconvenient to do so and these latest tactics must be dealt with.

This month, Britain faces one of the greatest challenges that any nation will face this year. Securing the Olympic Games will be a testament to those who lost their lives on 7/7. To show that lessons have been learned, that security comes before political correctness and that our public services must be able to respond quickly and efficiently in life-threatening situations.

Britons should do all they can to assist the smooth running of the games and show to the world that not only are we no longer afraid - but that we are all working in tandem, across political, socio-economic or any other dividing lines, to prove that we can defend the world's visitors and our own people against terrorist threats.

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