Ed Miliband terrified by youngster's questions at Durham Miners' Gala

Is this not the kind of cowardice we have come to expect from the British left?

by The Commentator on 15 July 2012 18:25


In a video that was recently posted on YouTube, a 14 year old boy can be seen asking Labour leader Ed Miliband about his speech to the Durham Miners' Gala this weekend.

The Labour leader was heavily criticised for the speech at an event which his predecessors refused to attend. Conservative party sources called Ed's appearance in Durham 'a lurch to the left' while even the left-leaning British media were confounded by the decision.

This video of Ed's PR stunt moment where he tried to schmooze the crowd however, will certainly put a damper on the occasion. 

The video appears to have been uploaded by an account named, "BlueToryBoy" so perhaps its obvious where the young man's loyalties currently lie. Nevertheless, why is Ed so frightened of this young guy? Have a look for yourself:

The boy asks Mr. Miliband, "Do you think your pandering to your union paymasters will be the downfall of the Labour Party?"

Quite a reasonable question, we thought. And certainly very encouraging coming from such a young chap. Sadly it seems Ed doesn't want to engage with the concerned youth of Britain, and makes off.

The next question, to do with youth unemployment was also swiftly ignored. 

Given that Miliband and his barmy army shadow front bench are always harping on about 'being in touch' and the important subject of youth unemployment, you'd think Labour press officers would be keen to nudge Miliband into at least a scripted answer on the issue. Although we know how that one turns out.

Nevertheless, a damaging blow to Ed Miliband especially when this video truly goes viral. We certainly couldn't encourage you to help it by ushering you towards the social media share buttons above and below this article... could we?

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