Egyptian candid camera show leads to anti-Semitic violence

Videos from an Egyptian candid camera show reveal shocking anti-Semitism and instinctive violence towards Israelis and Jews

The moment the Egyptian man strikes the 'Israeli' presenter
The Commentator
On 26 July 2012 18:58

We're sad today to bring you this shocking video from MEMRI TV. What is described as 'patriotism' and forgiven all too easily is nothing but the worst anti-Semitism which will no doubt send a chill down the spine of many viewers.

Rather than dissect this too much, we'll let you read into it yourself. The setting is an Egyptian candid camera TV show, where contestants are duped into believing that they are either on Israeli TV, or that the producers of the show are Jewish. 

It is truly disgusting to watch, that when contestants start to fear they are on an Israeli channel, or that the staff around them may be Jewish, they quickly resort to violence, with one man who admits to carry a gun hitting the female host across the face. When he is told she is actually Egyptian, he soon repents and bizarrely offers to rub lotion on her back in his car. 

More revealing is the reaction of the next 'guest', Mayar Al-Beblawi, who declares, "In that country [Israel], they are all liars. You wouldn't believe it. They are real liars. They keep whining all the time about the Holocaust or whatever it's called."

Lastly, we're treated to a man who demands to know one of the prankster producers' nationality. When he suspects he is a Jew, he begins to violently assault him, shouting, "You are a Jew!" He then desists as he's informed about the show's nature, with the presenter declaring, "I hate the Jews to death" and declaring his violent behaviour as an act of 'patriotism'.

Regardless as to whether these are aggravated or isolated incidents which just so happen to be caught on candid camera, it makes for intensely distressing viewing, especially when we bear in mind that Egypt, bordering Gaza, has recently elected a Muslim Brotherhood President.

(H/T to @PercieVere on Twitter for alerting us to this)

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