An Olympic insult to Israel’s murdered athletes

A 12 word exchange tells you all you need to know about the international community and Israel

Robin Shepherd, Owner / Publisher
On 27 July 2012 08:30

(See below for update to include latest scandal involving Lebanon)

“You didn't hear the voice of the world,“ the two ladies exclaimed. “'Yes, I did," he replied. That, according to the Jewish Chronicle, was the exchange of words at a meeting earlier this week between two Munich massacre widows and the president of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, who refused their request for a minute’s silence at the opening of the London games.

Let us be clear: he’s right and they’re wrong. The refusal of the IOC appropriately to honour the memory of the 11 Israeli athletes massacred in Munich by psychopathic Palestinian terrorists is most emphatically not a sign of indifference. It is not that they don’t care. It is not that they haven’t thought it through. It is not that they haven’t listened.

They do care. They have thought it through. They have been listening. And here’s the sort of thing they have been listening to. Courtesy of the invaluable work of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), this is the substance of a letter sent to Rogge by Jibril Rajoub, President of the Palestinian Olympic Committee, expressing Palestinian “appreciation“ for his position:

“Sports are a bridge to love, interconnection, and spreading of peace among nations; it must not be a cause of division and spreading of racism between them...,“ he said.

Savour those words about “love“, “interconnection“ and “peace“ and how honouring the fallen would be tantamount to causing “division“ and “spreading racism“.  As you do, imagine that it is you that has to negotiate a peace agreement with these people, “moderates“, as the world calls the Palestinian Authority. They can’t even tell the truth to the head of the IOC in a conversation about Jewish athletes gunned down in their prime in the country that gave the world the Holocaust.

But that’s because they don’t see anything wrong in what they did. As PMW points out, the slaughter in Munich is not referred to by Palestinian officials as a “massacre“ at all. They call it the “Munich Operation“. The perpetrators are not called criminals or terrorists, they’re considered heroes.

According to PMW:

“The murder of the 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics is presented as a highlight of Palestinian "operations" and one of their great accomplishments. In 2010, the official PA daily referred to the Olympic massacre as a "shining station" and its planner was called a “star who the sports stadium in Munich.““

Of course, anyone who cares to look at the evidence knows that the mainstream Palestinian factions all glorify terrorism and do so as a matter of course. What might be thought strange is why the International Olympic Committee feels compelled to bow to their agenda.

But actually, there’s nothing strange about it at all. The IOC is merely following usual practice in international diplomacy. From the British Foreign Office to the General Assembly of the United Nations, appeasement of the Palestinians and their supporters across the Islamic world is the rule not the exception.  

Everyone knows that if these had been Brazilian athletes, or British athletes or Egyptian athletes or athletes from any other country on earth, the murdered victims would have been given their minute’s silence.

But since they're Israeli, the rules are different. To honour them would offend the sensibilities of people who want the Jewish state destroyed. And that would never do.

So, yes, Mr Rogge, you’re right. You did hear the voice of the world.

What a sick and depraved place that world can sometimes be.

UPDATE: It now transpires that the IOC acceded to a request from the Lebanese judo team for a barrier to be placed between them and the Israeli team during a training session. The Lebanese had said they would not train in sight of Israelis. In a world of reason and decency, the Lebanese judo team would have been instantly sent home and then banned from international competitions merely for making such an abominable request. But that's plainly not the world we live in.

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