We Need to Talk Podcast: 2nd August 2012 – Toynbee’s Tuscan Villa Edition

August 2nd 2012, The Commentator's 'We Need to Talk' podcast hosted by Raheem Kassam, joined by Douglas Murray and Christian May

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The Commentator
On 4 August 2012 17:22

Yesterday, The Commentator recorded its first podcast of what we hope will be a popular series. Entitled, “We Need to Talk”, the first edition covered a variety of topics including the London Olympics, Mitt Romney’s foreign tour, Boris Johnson, British Coalition politics and the hypocrisy of left wing commentators and news outlets.

Our guests this week were Douglas Murray, author and Associate Director of The Henry Jackson Society and political consultant Christian May. The podcast is hosted by The Commentator’s Executive Editor, Raheem Kassam.

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If you have any problems downloading or listening to this podcast, please contact raheem@thecommentator.com

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