It's Ryan: Romney's Veep pick is a 'win-win' situation

Republican sources are confirming that today Mitt Romney will name Paul Ryan as his running mate for the November election

Welcome to the ticket...
The Commentator
On 11 August 2012 06:35

Today Mitt Romney will announce his choice for Vice Presidential candidate, his running mate in the November 2012 US Presidential election

Much speculation has been heard as of late, with conservative figures such as Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman and even General Petraeus being touted. 

Over the last 24 hours, various Republican sources however have pointed to one man who many thought should have been the Republican candidate for President all along.

Congressman Paul Ryan’s rise to fame over the past few years has been due, in no small part, to his staunch opposition to President Obama’s budget plans, and his much vaunted attitude to the US Medicare system.

As the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on the Budget, Ryan abandons a crucial pulpit if he accepts Romney’s forthcoming invitation to join him as the Veep – a platform which has allowed him to launch his budget plan, endorsed by the majority of House Republicans and Democrats.

Since his election to the 1st District of Wisconsin, Ryan’s popularity has steadily increased. From a 57 percent vote share in 1998, Ryan now commands (2010) over 68 percent of the vote.

Romney’s choice of Ryan will come as no surprise to most. In fact, it is likely to cause a sigh of relief amongst Republican activists and strategists, especially in the wake of candidate John McCain’s pick four years ago.

Ryan, it will be argued, is a ‘safe pair of hands’. With some foreign policy credentials and having seen the circus before as speechwriter to former VP candidate Jack Kemp, Ryan will shore up Romney’s support from fiscal conservatives and the Tea Party, despite his support for the Iraq War and TARP (the ‘Wall Street Bailout’).

In 2011, Ryan delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union address. But there is one speech that is perhaps more important to note. In 2005, Ryan delivered a speech to the ATLAS Society, stating, “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.”

This is likely to send a chill down the spines of many centrists, let alone those to the left of them. But it will embolden fiscal hawks in the Republican Party, especially those who continue to see Romney as the ‘corporate interest candidate’.

Ryan takes a huge step, and a huge gamble with his career by accepting the Romney nomination. But if Romney-Ryan fails, by 2016 the United States will indeed be crying out for the anti-Obama. And Ryan is just that.

In accepting the VP nomination, Ryan puts himself front and centre for the 2016 Republican Presidential candidate nomination, leapfrogging those regarded as more talented or deserving. This can only be a win-win situation for Ryan.

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