Fair and Balanced: MSNBC's 'gotcha' moment for Paul Ryan

Al Sharpton's bizarre tirade about Paul Ryan's workout regime has landed MSNBC with a truckload of ridicule

by The Commentator on 15 August 2012 23:52

In the day to day of US politics, one would be hard pressed to avoid a joke at the expense of Fox News. "Fair and balanced?!" Its detractors decry, often to many a guffaw.

But the network that so often hosts guests who attack Fox News for its 'clear bias' is almost certainly no better itself. 

On Al Sharpton's "Politics Nation" show, the presenter (Al Sharpton, funnily enough) launches into a tirade aimed at Mitt Romney's new running mate, Paul Ryan.

Oh goodie, you might think. MSNBC, while liberal leaning, is almost certain to present a serious challenge to Ryan's economic plans. Food for thought, one would hope.

Er... not quite.

Sharpton bizzarely descends into what can only be described as reductio ad absurdum (Editor's Note: I can think of a few other ways to describe it!) 

Discussing the seriousness of Ryan as a candidate, Sharpton states that Ryan has only ever sponsored two bills that became law in the United States, as if more laws equal better government.

But that's not the kicker.

Sharpton's keen political acumen leads him to the conclusion that the 'X-treme Congressman", as MSNBC have plastered all over the segment, is guilty of... being fit.

That's right. How dare Paul Ryan work out for around an hour or more per day. How dare he?!

Doesn't he know that while he's undertaking his gruelling P-90X workout, more potential laws are being cast asunder? Shame on you, Ryan. Shame on you.

What next for Sharpton? Probably an op-ed in The Guardian.

Anyway, enough waffle from us. Watch the whole video below. 

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