We want our country back

We will not be conned again. Nothing short of a full, free vote to take our country back will do

We want our country back. Do they?
Nigel Farage
On 3 September 2012 09:25

For all of us who believe in our country and are comfortable with our identity, 2012 has been a fantastic year. For years we were told not to fly the Union Jack. The very idea of being patriotic was associated by our ruling classes with harking back to the Empire, backward looking, and was to be discouraged. But a real fight back has now begun and it has put our people on a collision course with the ruling classes.

The national feeling of pride and joy at the success of Team GB in August, not to mention our admiration for our paralympians, who have overcome such adversity, is a symptom of a new mood in this country. I have seen myself, speaking at schools and universities, that there is a new generation who are no longer prepared to accept inevitable failure and national decline. These young men and women are hungry for our country to do well and desperate for an identity to be proud of. They love the flag, have strong respect for our past and want us to win at everything.

What a contrast they make to our insipid and gutless politicians.

Way back in the 1970s our national self-confidence was so low, our economy so weak, that our politicians signed us up to the European project. The public were told that it was just about free trade, but the reality from the start was a new form of government for this country, based in Brussels.

At every opportunity since, we have been told that we are a small, weak country, full of lazy people and that ‘Europe’ is our future. Apparently mass immigration and rule by the bureaucrats is the answer to everything. Any attempt to fight against this has been met by cries of xenophobia and extremism.

Well, I have bad news for our EU loving rulers and their friends in the left wing media: We have had enough and we want our country back!

This new mood of national pride has not led us to racism and unpleasantness; it has united all in this country, regardless of class or race. What better illustration of this could there be than the joyous celebration at Mo Farah’s great victories? He himself rejected any idea that he would rather have run for Somalia, his place of birth, by saying, “Look mate, this is my country. When I put on the Great Britain vest I feel proud, very proud!”

We are rejecting the doctrine of a divided, multicultural society and telling ourselves and the world that we are really proud to be British.

Yet this feeling of pride does not extend to our political leaders. Cameron, Milliband, and Clegg continue to be stuck in that negative, post-1945 mentality that we simply cannot cope with running our own lives. We are told that we must accept the EU flag flying on our public buildings; that we must go on with 75 percent of our laws being made in Brussels. And they all want to deny us a referendum to decide our future.

Never can our political class have been so openly despised. They lied to us about the intentions of the common market and occasionally promise us a referendum at election time, only to renege once in office. Their next trick will be to promise some form of renegotiation followed by a phoney referendum.

We will not be conned again. We have had enough.

Nothing short of a full, free vote to take our country back will do.

Without it why should we bother to vote for any of them?


Did you ever think that our political leaders have no real idea how most people live and lack experience in the real world? That they’re just college kids?

There are 61 members of the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet today. Only 11 of them have any experience of working in the private sector. Mostly for less than five years. Over 24 have never had a proper job at all and a further 20 have worked for political lobbyists or campaign groups.

We’d be better off with a parliament that really reflected our society. We might even get some common sense then. In future we should think about who we vote for more carefully.

Nigel Farage is the Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Follow him on Twitter @Nigel_Farage

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