Where was Malcolm Tucker?

Last night's The Thick of It had no Malcolm Tucker character - but did it really even matter?

Who's behind door number 2?
The Commentator
On 8 September 2012 23:11

In last night's return to The Thick of It, there was one notably absent character.

Peter Capaldi's excellent Malcolm Tucker was conspiciously left out of the return of The Thick of It, presumably in a move to centre the first episode around the new coalition characters, so as not to take any emphasis away from these newbies and their interesting dynamics.

And it worked.

Many a blogger and a tweeter were asking, last night, "Where is Malcolm Tucker?" and bemoaning the fact that "The Thick of It is no good without him!"

To those people we say: sorry, you've clearly never 'gotten' the show.

While we won't sit here and argue that The Thick of It is Uncle Vanya, or even, in our opinion, equal to Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister, the show is certainly deeper than one character.

While Tucker provided tension, comedy and acted as a cathartic character through whom we could all live our work lives vicariously, he was not, and is not, the be all and end all of The Thick of It. 

Last night's episode introduced new characters among some older, loved members of the cast. Though why Terri Coverely is still present, no one knows. The Liberal Democrat junior minister and his bag carrier added a hilarious new element, being dubbed as "The Inbetweeners" by some of DoSAC's more established crowd.

The venerable Steve Hilton character, Stewart Pearson, provided all the parody you'd expect without going over the top, despite his requests for ginseng tea and insistence that when he turned his phone off, it was because he was in 'send' and not 'receive' mode.

The writing, it must be said, was as sharp as ever. The plot was, as usual, predictable but fun, and despite the moans of many people out there, we could care less if this series contains not one appearance from Malcolm Tucker. Though we know due to the preview of next week's show, that there will be smiles all round as Capaldi makes his return.

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