Never give up: Why 9/11 continues to unite us against terrorism

9/11 will remain a day with immense meaning. We should all take a moment to reflect on what it means for us

The 9/11 memorial in Manhattan
The Commentator
On 10 September 2012 23:57

So many people died that day. 

So many innocent lives perished in both the blink of an eye, and in the resulting minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years after the 9/11 attacks on America.

On the 11th anniversary of the horrific terrorist atrocities, we must continue to honour those who died, and remember that despite differences, 9/11 has continued to unite those who believe in liberal, democratic values. 

Western politics can be nasty stuff. But incidents such as those that took place in the United States, early in September 2001 show us that certain values transcend party politics.

The reaction to 9/11 can be disputed, as have been the motivations of those who sought to attack the U.S. that day. But what we cannot deny or reject, is that freedom loving people around the world felt a solidarity with America on September 11th 2001. A solidarity that has stood the test of time.

Steadfastness in the face of terror is what makes freedom undefeatable. 

We saw it on 9/11. We saw it on 7/7. Recently, Norway saw it after Anders Behring Breivik took aim at innocent civilians. 

Terrorism should be rejected and confronted the world over.

Thousands of people died as a result of terrorism on 9/11. Millions continue to be the victims of oppression and terror on a daily basis around the world.

Whether you're in Damascus or Sderot, in London or in Caracas, the will for freedom pervades and will prevail.

On 9/11 this year, take a minute to remember those who lost their lives, and the countless number of people affected: those who lost their loved ones.

Take a minute to also reflect on the people around the world who suffer daily. 

Take one more minute to think about whether we who are able, owe them a helping hand in freedom. A human right. A dignity that should be afforded to every human being. Not just those in the West, not just those in the Anglosphere, but on every corner of the planet.

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