Why does Ben Howlett want to forget 9/11?

The Chairman of the UK's official Conservative Party youth wing embarrassed his colleagues last night

Ben Howlett representing Conservative Future last night
The Commentator
On 12 September 2012 12:22

On last night's BBC Three programme, 'Free Speech' the discussion centred around 9/11, its implications for the world and where we stand today.

Yesterday, The Commentator wrote about how many pledged never to forget, and how we never should. Yet it seems one official spokesperson of the Conservative Party, the head of its youth wing, Ben Howlett, thinks we should.

When asked by the host is it's 'time to move on' from 9/11, Ben responds, "I think we should, actually" and goes on to conflate how he has suffered homophobia, and how this is the same as many Muslims who have been racially abused as a result of 9/11. Howlett then goes on to state that he thinks 9/11 "brought communities together" and, in a truly awkward fashion, spelled out how he "works with a Muslim".

Watch the video below and decide for yourself whether Howlett is a fair representative of the majority party in the British government, or whether this man has nothing original or insightful to offer on serious subject matters.

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