Reality has redefined UKIP

Welcome to four-party politics in British politics. It is here to stay. Reality has hit home and made it so

UKIP here to stay?
Michael Heaver
On 21 September 2012 08:56

Cranks; gadflies; conspiracy theorists, even. The charges thrown at UKIP just a few short years ago were highly simplistic, massively inaccurate and feebly delivered. But the chickens have come home to roost. No one is calling Nigel Farage’s party that any more.

It is my simple point that in many ways, UKIP has been way ahead of its time. Ahead in pointing out what those running the EU want it to become; ahead in predicting that the Euro would be a calamitous economic faux pas, driven by a political lust for centralised European federalism; and ahead on other things too – namely that voting Conservative in 2010 would lead to a committed pro-EU, high tax, anti-grammar school government which is what we have.

Though Nigel Farage has remodeled UKIP as a new party and goes viral with every speech – not to mention his recruiting highly credible individuals such as Stuart Wheeler as Treasurer and pushing younger faces – reality has hit home already. Europe is on everyone’s lips, and the UKIP prophecy is in the process of coming true. Not in a “we told you so” manner. More like a “we were right so listen to us going forward” type of way. And the British people increasingly are.

The reality is that three parties have all had a pop at running the country in the last few years. They are all adding billions of pounds to our national debt. They all support continued EU membership. Sadly for them, the days of limited choice have bit the dust thanks to the rise of the internet. We live in a society that supports pluralism and choice for the citizen more so than ever before.

Do not dismiss UKIP as many have done before, as simply having its moment in the sun. I predict that the current state of the economy will lead to a UKIP victory in the 2014 European Elections and a Westminster breakthrough in 2015.

Welcome to four-party politics in British politics. It is here to stay. Reality has hit home and made it so.

Michael Heaver is a writer, blogger and right-wing activist. He tweets at @Michael_Heaver

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