A letter to my Member of Parliament

A letter to Glenda Jackson MP on Iran and Israel's right to existence

by Alan Melkman on 24 September 2012 17:31

Ms Glenda Jackson MP

House of Commons



Four years ago I came to you at the House of Commons to ask you to use your influence to our, then Labour government to apply onerous sanctions to Iran to show them that we, as a peace loving nation, were serious in our efforts to dissuade them from developing a nuclear device. You reassured me that merely talking with the Iranians would readily achieve this objective. Clearly it has not.

Sanctions have now been applied to Iran but thanks to our earlier appeasement it is far too little and far too late and their pace of development continues to move forward at a robust rate according to the IAEA.

Canada, a leading member of The Commonwealth, has given the World a clear moral lead and severed its ties with Iran. It has done so becauseIran is in flagrant breach of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. This states that incitement "with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group" is illegal.

Gregory Stanton, the director of the NGO Genocide Watch has studied genocides and observed that they move through eight predictable stages.

For the sake of completeness I list each stage below underlined and some of the actions Iran has taken

- Classification of Israel as an enemy that must be destroyed;

- Symbolisation of Israelis and Jews as sub human, propounding exclusionary ideology and hate speech;

- Dehumanising Jews - "overcoming the normal human revulsion against murder" - by portraying the potential victims as a "cancer" in need of eradication;

- Organising fanatical militias (the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps);

- Polarising Iranian society by repressing dissent and arresting moderates;

- Preparing for the killing by denying a past genocide and by constructing weapons of mass destruction;

- And, through global terrorism, have even begun extermination.

- Stage 8 is denial.

As Iran continues inexorably with the project of creating its own nuclear device so it is travelling down the road of genocide. Although no one can predict the future the historic parallels are alarming. I therefore urge you to influence our Government, through Parliamentary written or oral questions to the Foreign Secretary, to follow the actions of the Canadian Government and sever all ties with Iran and encourage all responsible countries to do likewise. 

As well as sending a very significant warning message to the Iranian leadership it will also send a very reassuring message to the Israeli people. With Europe, the USA, Canada and other democratic states taking this action, as opposed to repeating the usual platitudes, war may be avoided.

It is abundantly clear that the present policy of merely continuing with the current fruitless negotiations and the refusal to draw any red lines is not working and will not work.

Any race has the right to defend itself, especially if it is threatened with genocide. If the UK, Europe and the rest of the free world does not take these significant, positive steps then Israel will be left with no alternative but to launch a pre-emptive strike, for which our Country will bear at least part of the responsibility.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Melkman

Alan Melkman is a management consultant 

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