Free pass for PC humbug

Free pass for PC humbug

by Robin Shepherd, Owner / Publisher on 7 October 2012 11:22

The almost unimaginably stupid Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, one time UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and, predictably enough, scourge of the State of Israel was on blinding form today on Sky's Murnaghan show.

She came hard off the blocks with a stunning piece of analysis explaining that the carnage in Syria was effectively the fault of George W. Bush. Now, even for a grand old dame of political correctness like Robinson, that’s brave.

Her point was that his administration launched a war on terror that lowered global standards in terms of the way terror suspects could be treated. That in turn signaled to regimes around the world that they had carte blanche to behave as they wished. They duly obliged by doubling production of thumb screws and herding people into enhanced-capacity football stadiums to be readied for mass execution.

Before you know it, Bashar al-Assad is carpet bombing primary schools in Aleppo to punish his political opponents. Extraordinary stuff! Good thing she never made it to the top of a major global human rights institution, isn’t it? After a performance like that, there was nothing she could really do for a sufficiently impressive encore.

She did have a bash though with some platitudes about climate change causing conflict without, of course, being able to actually name a conflict that climate changed had caused. That was clever. She also lashed out at the bankers and property developers for the economic crisis in Ireland without mentioning the key role of the euro.

Plainly, the absurdly low interest rates imposed upon Ireland by membership of the single currency at a time of robust economic growth were bound to fuel an artificial boom which would end up with a massive bust. That wasn’t the only issue contributing to economic failure, but it was the biggest. So, hats off to the old gal for having the courage to ignore the point altogether.

People of the caliber of Mary Robinson should expect a mauling if they go on national television armed with the kind of shallow, half-baked, politically correct inanities we were witness to today. I like Murnaghan, but he didn’t provide. And, unfortunately, when it comes to people like Mary Robinson, British interviewers hardly ever do. PC pieties all too often get a free pass. Which may go some way to explaining the parlous state of our contemporary political discourse.

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