Conservative Party Conference Diary Day 2

Tory Conference is boring, boring, boring. But does Boris have the X-factor?

by on 9 October 2012 10:34

While The Independent and their ilk splashed on the workplace rights topic from conference yesterday, it was for the majority of activists on the ground here in Birmingham, Boris day, yesterday. 

And no doubt to the Prime Minister's chagrin, it'll be Boris day today too, as the Mayor of London delivers a keynote address to conference.


But BoJo is now on the verge of causing trouble for himself. For as much as he provides in celebrity cache, he delivers little in terms of policy or ideology. The fact is under the surface, he's as statist as Dave - but best not to mention that when the party are scrambling for a 'conservative alternative'.


Last night the Conservative Future party 'ended' ahead of schedule when the bars ran dry. One attendee whispered to me about the 'poor attendance from females' (although he may have been less subtle) and the prevalence of braces. Dave's modern party, eh?


One of the more successful events of the night was the Bell Pottinger bash, well attended by MPs and grass tops, and to this editor's delight, well catered. 


Sitting in the conference zone at 9:30am makes for depression though, with scantly a smile and barely a body present. Perhaps more of a reflection on the success of last night's receptions - but no doubt many of this year's delegates are either disillusioned lobbyists or exhausted activists clutching at straws for hope for the party.

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