Hague: British government will have "no truck with those who seek to delegitimise Israel"

In a speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel last night, Britain's Foreign Secretary outlined how the UK government would not stand for delegitimisation of Israel

by The Commentator on 10 October 2012 12:01


Last night, at a brimming reception held by the Conservative Friends of Israel at the Conservative Party conference, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague outlined the UK's position on the delegitimisation of Israel.

Hague touched on key issues surrounding the Israel Palestine conflict, asserting the importance of a negotiated solution and insisting that the British government would "have no truck with those that seek to delegitimise Israel".

Hague also insisted that this UK government has implemented the "toughest ever sanctions on Iran" which will only be "intensified and not relaxed" as time goes on. He reiterated that he will "not waiver" in his support for Israel.

The Foreign Secretary also insisted that the UK is doing its utmost to have the military wing of Hezbollah proscribed across the European Union, a position that has been described as 'confused' but 'a good first step' by attendees last night.

Members of Parliament in attendance told The Commentator that they would be raising the issue of the arbitrary distinction between Hezbollah's miitary and political wings with the Foreign Secretary at the earliest opportunity.

Reports from last night's event put attendance at close to 400, with Conservative Friends of Israel telling The Commentator that they were "delighted with the strength of the Foreign Secretary's words" and with the "incredible attendance from a crowd of hundreds" that included Members of Parliament and Conservative Party activists.

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