The Church of England's transparent opportunism over abortion

An article published by the Telegraph seeks to tarnish the reputation of Marie Stopes International

by Aris on 11 October 2012 16:56

The Telegraph has today published an article by Peter Mullen claiming the UK’s leading provider of sexual and reproductive healthcare services is named after a ‘Jewish-baiting racist’.

Founded in 1976, Marie Stopes International grew out of the organisation originally set up by Marie Stopes in 1921. Marie Stopes opened the UK’s first family planning clinic in 1921 in Holloway, North London. Her clinics are globally recognised for the high-quality health services that are provided in family planning, safe abortions, maternal and child health care, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Mullen questions the integrity and work of the organisation which has helped millions of woman, children and families make personal decisions about life’s pathways. By saying that he does ‘not suggest that present members of the Marie Stopes society share the same ‘disgraceful totalitarian views’, he does ‘wonder about the motivation of an organisation which takes Marie Stopes as its founding Heroin’.

Such anti-abortion views have clearly clouded one’s judgement for a clinic that is routinely stigmatised for its performance of abortion operations by men or women with religious status. There is evidence that suggests Marie Stope’s was anti-Semitic but something she said or wrote 80 years ago should not seek to tarnish the reputation of Marie Stopes International.

In 1939, Stopes sent a copy of Love Songs for Young Lovers to Adolf Hitler, accompanied by the following covering letter:

"Dear Herr Hitler, “Love is the greatest thing in the world: so will you accept from me these (poems) that you may allow the young people of your nation to have them? The young must learn love from the particular till they are wise enough for the universal. I hope too that you yourself may find something to enjoy in the book”.

In 1942, she published this verse from a poem:

“Catholics, Prussians,

The Jews and the Russians

Are all a curse

Or something worse”.

Obviously, her writings reflect a terrible prejudice and though controversial should be dealt with when discussing Marie Stopes herself and not this international institution.

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