Loony Left: WWF Canada lost for words

WWF Canada target the YouTube generation with an 'inevitable' attack ad...

by The Humph on 16 October 2012 12:43

Inevitable – a ballsy word often overused.

Like ‘literally’. As in: “I literally laughed my head off”, which of course literally no one has ever done. Or in the former’s case: “it was inevitable that Twitter and Premier League footballers would be a troublesome combination”, when, as lacking between the ears as many footballers seemingly are, ham-fisted faux pas are entirely avoidable, not least when one can afford one’s own personal PR guru.

The inappropriate use of these words, and others, is infectious. They’re lazy fillers, to be sure, but they help to emphasise a point when creativity and/or intelligence is absent.

Basically, they’re staple items in the limited vocab of people who are a bit thick.

Speaking of which, have you seen the new WWF Canada ad? OMG, literally the worst thing ever…

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