Who's been sleeping in George Galloway's bed?

George Galloway MP has filed a bizarre Early Day Motion accusing a member of the Metropolitan Police of sleeping in his bed

by Bradley Spring on 16 October 2012 19:04

File this one under 'bizarre'. In fact, file most things regarding George Galloway (yes, this George Galloway) under 'bizarre'.

For those unaware, Early Day Motions (EDMs) in the British Parliament can be a great campaigning tool for charities and pressure groups that a Member of Parliament  (MP) wishes to support. They can and should, foremostly, be used to highlight issues in MP's constituencies, though this isn't always the case. 

But a lot of the time, there is eccentricity and superfluity when it comes to EDMs, leading to a spiralling cost situation that the British taxpayer is left to bear the burden of.

So what does George Galloway do when he needs to a raise a concern about Metropolitan Police activity? Presumably, he goes to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, or raises issues directly with the Met. Presumably

But he also decides to file an Early Day Motion bitching about someone sleeping in his house without his consent. I would have thought that 'sleeping' and 'consent' are two issues that Galloway would want to avoid at present, given his recent form. 

Galloway's gripe it seems, is that one of his employees chose to have a relationship with a member of the Metropolitan Police, who was invited to Mr. Galloway's home by 'Ms. A' (now suspended) and spent the night there. 

The veracity of these claims is of course, yet to be established, but Galloway's further insistence that the Metropolitan Police officer was conspiring against him, alleging voter fraud in Galloway's almost unbelievable victory in Bradford West, and asking the Home Secretary to make a statement to the House of Commons as a result looks like gratuitous mudslinging. 

Could it be that Galloway is a tad touchy after this article emerged in The Guardian? He even names The Guardian in his EDM, the text of which follows.

At the time of publishing this blog, unsurprisingly, Galloway is the only signatory to his own Early Day Motion. Given his recent comments about etiquette when sleeping with someone, perhaps the named party can be grateful that Mr. Galloway was not in the house at the time.


That this House expresses its concern at the involvement of a very senior officer in the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism branch SO15 in an apparent dirty tricks operation against the hon. Member for Bradford West; notes that the officer, Afiz Khan, entered the hon. Member's London home without his knowledge or consent, the hon. Member never having met or heard of him, and he slept in the hon. Member's home; further notes that Afiz Khan sent emails to an individual in the hon. Member's officewho acted as his agent; further notes he co-ordinated this operation from his police email account and from at least two other fake email accounts, duping, amongst others, the Guardian newspaper as to his true identity; further notes that he operated under an alias against the hon. Member on Facebook and elsewhere, all the while concealing that he was a senior serving police officer at Scotland Yard; and asks the Home Secretary to make an urgent statement to Parliament on these matters.


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