Loony Left: UK Government potentially wastes £112 million

Question: Would you rather become the UK's most popular citizen by treating half the nation to a round on you, or see civil servants spray £112 million up the wall?

by Dane Vallejo on 17 October 2012 13:33

New research from The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) has today revealed that Government departments could have saved a potential £112 million on their estates bill if all departments were to use space as well as the most efficient departments.

These days, when Russian billionaires set sail on $1bn yachts, and when some of the world’s elite sportsmen earn in the region of $80m annually, £112 million may sound more like a figure plucked from obscurity by Mike Myers’ time-warped Dr. Evil.

But it remains quite a sum when you think about it. And I’ve really, really thought about it...

Did you know, for example, that £112 million taken from government tax revenue, and put back in the pockets of you and I, could free up enough cash for us to subscribe 434,109 people to Sky+ for a year? Don’t scoff, it’s brilliant; you can go out on Friday and catch up on Sunday, so says Lily Allen (singer and busy mum).

Alternatively you could take approximately 20 percent of the country out for a Nando’s; buy half the nation a round with enough change to pay for over one million attempts at winning something back on a gambling machine; pay for 1,542 years’ worth of etiquette lessons for Andrew Mitchell; or pay for up to 226,721 return flights to Caracas for George Galloway (if you could resist the urge to leave him there).

Get this: you could even pay for two whole days’ worth of EU membership

…Fine, we’ll scratch the last one, but you see what I’m getting at; all that money because of a few dense civil servants sticking round tables in corners.

Now, where can we find a pub to cater for 30-odd million people?

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