Loony Left: Red Ed's sponsored walk

Tomorrow Ed Miliband will don his least expensive looking casual-wear and join the TUC's anti-cuts march. You can sponsor his walk.

by Dane Vallejo on 19 October 2012 11:34

Man of the people Ed Miliband will be joining the TUC's anti-cuts march tomorrow. I'm sure we can all agree that to give up one's Saturday in such a way is nothing short of genuine martyrdom. Hero status is fast approaching for the boy-done-good. (Raised in Primrose Hill you say? No matter; irelevant; he's always felt working class - that's what counts.)

Now you have the chance to repay Ed for his kind work, not only in helping to rack up the biggest deficit in the G20  in a previous role, but in dedicating himself to his current project: getting spending going once more. 

The man's genius knows no ends. Oxbridge material, no doubt - a shame he was raised in the University of Hard Knocks instead.

You can sponsor Ed's walk at rededswalk.org.uk. See who's already donated below. 

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