Iran to ban citizens from visiting EU countries

According to an unconfirmed Iranian news report, the Iranian parliament is planning to ban its citizens from travelling to EU countries as part of a counter-measure against EU sanctions

by The Commentator on 24 October 2012 14:23


According to the unconfirmed reporting of the Iran Independent News Service, Iran's parliament plans to ban Iranian tourists from visiting European Union countries as a counter-measure for EU sanctions against the Islamic state, state media reported Wednesday.

Nasser Soudani, the vice-chairman of the parliament’s energy committee has supposedly stated that the parliament has already prepared a "three-phase preemptive embargo package” against certain European states in retaliation of the sanctions against Iran.

In the first phase of the package, the EU states will be deprived from Iranian oil - a strategy that Soudani has previously expressed. In the second, there will be a general ban on importing goods from EU states, he said.

“In the third phase Iranian tourists will be banned from visiting those (EU) states which impose sanctions on Iran,” he added.

It would be the first time that the Iranian administration has imposed a travel ban on its own citizens, in a move that is likely to be highly unpopular. Soudani did not explain how the ban would be be implemented in practice and it is thought that such a move would be counterproductive both internationally and domestically, as well as being impossible to enforce.

The EU has imposed several sanctions on Iran due to Tehran's stance in the nuclear dispute, including an oil embargo which decreased the country's revenues by at least 25 per cent.

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