The European Union is costing us jobs

British jobs are at risk with the EU’s desire to wipe out national borders in order to keep the EU’s life support system ticking over

Is the European Union increasing queues outside Job Centres?
Tim Aker
On 1 November 2012 10:31

There is always a method to the EU’s madness and this is why Get Britain Out is campaigning for an In/Out referendum to get us out of the EU.

Two weeks ago we rumbled an EU plan to pay for unemployed EU workers to get interviews and resettle across the EU.

Brussels, whilst virtually bankrupt, plans to offer £830 resettlement grants to any successful applicant. As Britain stumbles out of recession, our one million young unemployed will sadly look on at tougher times ahead.

The EU won’t pay for British workers to get jobs in Britain, it won’t pay for their bus fare, and it won’t pay for a move to Bath from Birmingham. Yet if you cross borders, Brussels finds the cash and gives you a head start. 

For our young, unemployed countrymen getting a job isn’t going to be easy as the EU plucks those green shoots out of the ground. Until the poorer states leave the Euro, there will be sluggish growth in the EU.  The job seeking will only go one way. 

Even this week a job centre in Derby announced it cannot cope with the influx of EU jobseekers. This is before transition controls on Bulgaria and Romania are to be lifted in 2013, raising the prospect of more jobs at risk through EU open borders policies.

In good times, and if the British people had given their consent to such an open borders policy, this would have a mandate.

But we’re not in good times, not while the EU elites are determined to spend every cent to keep the Euro and the dream of ‘ever closer union’ alive.  A common European jobs market exports Greek and Spanish unemployed to the relatively rich north in order to bolster confidence in the Euro and keep it going until the next crisis summit.

As debate about our contributions to the EU budget continue, all MPs should do well to remember where the money is actually going. At the last plenary meeting, the European Parliament voted on the Year of European Citizens 2013 that included a €2 million campaign to distribute material about the benefits of European Union citizenship.

The Prime Minister must listen to parliament and fight for an EU Budget cut.  If the Prime Minister cannot renegotiate the EU Budget, then he can’t renegotiate our EU membership.  Calls for an In/Out EU Referendum will get louder and louder.

The EU is in economic decline and the Euro is being held together with political duct tape.  It is shrinking in importance; its share of global GDP is going to plummet from 30% in the early 1980s to between 12 and 17 percent by 2017.  That is, of course, if the Euro crisis doesn’t get worse.

Yet the only option in the European Parliament, the only course set by the European elites, is ‘more Europe’. There is not enough harmonisation, there is not enough integration.

They are quite open about it. Fiscal Union is coming, Article 16 of the Fiscal Union Treaty incorporates this into the acquis communautaire by 2017 – veto or not.  They want full banking union. They want a financial transaction tax.  It is not on the EU agenda to loosen the European arrangement and to try to generate jobs in the EU.

One of the constant myths being perpetuated by the Euro-enthusiasts is that ‘3 million jobs are at risk’ if we left the EU. Yet while we stay in the EU we are tied to a ship heading to full union. British jobs are further at risk with the EU’s desire to wipe out national borders in order to keep the EU’s life support system ticking over.  We will all be better off when we Get Britain Out.

Tim Aker is the Campaign Director for the Get Britain Out campaign. You can follow them on Twitter: @GetBritainOut and like them on Facebook

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