BBC tweet causes 'outrage'

'Inappropriate' BBC Cumbria comment was part of a publicity drive for evening debate on expatriates to the Philippines

by Media Hawk on 2 November 2012 10:23

We're hardly ones to leap to the BBC's defence, but the 'outrage' on social media following a provocative tweet yesterday morning seems somewhat laboured. Pun intended.

A tweet and a Facebook post by BBC Cumbria asked men if they would want a Filipino woman over a Cumbrian one. 

Fine, fine, it's not exactly politically correct, but since when were we up for androgynous, gender-neutral societies? And for the record this is not about objectifying women. We'd defend the point if it were about men, too.  

The 'inapporpriate' comment was made just before 2am and was part of a publicity drive to join the conversation on Mike Zeller's show at 9am. That's the point. It was marketing. Marketing has to be provocative and lure people in. No one wants to hear bland and boring, plain-packaged promotion.

Sadly, in a predictable manner, the Beeb removed the posts from the respective social media sites.

However, we have this! 

More than three hours after BBC_Cumbria tweeted, they issued this apology. 

Our earlier tweet was inappropriate. It did not explain the context of the programme and was offensive. We sincerely apologise.

Twitter users have gone overboard as usual, with one comment stating: "no matter what the context, how is that an appropriate topic for a BBC show?"

@EverydaySexism wrote: "This is incredibly offensive and sexist-is this really coming from the BBC? In 2012? Women as owned objects? Appalled"

Get some perspective, guys (oops - and girls!)

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