Pro-Obama BBC hails US jobless, er, rise!

You couldn't make it up. US unemployment rate rises ahead of next week's elections. But BBC pro-Obama spin finds a way to make it support their man

by Scourge of the Left on 2 November 2012 14:17

There's bias, there's bias and then there's the BBC. Oh, dear. With days to go before the US presidential elections, at which BBC executives may well self-immolate if Romney wins, the Friday unemployment figures are just out. Terrible news for Obama in that the rate of unemployment has risen from 7.8 percent to 7.9 percent.

However, not to be deterred, the BBC has headlined its piece on the basis of the 171,000 jobs added in October, rather than the overall jobless rate. Well aware that for every 10 people that read a headline there is barely one that reads the full article, the BBC does actually relate the fuller details below the headline and first paragraph.

But what a shabby performance in headlining their article thus:

With a first paragraph, as follows:

"The US economy added 171,000 new jobs in October, which was much more than had been expected."

They know exactly what they are doing, and who they are trying to please. Shame....but not a surprise really.

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