Swedish secret service in James Bond party scandal

My name's Bond, Bjorn Bond! What would 007 make of this?

by The Commentator on 3 November 2012 15:11


James Bond has been in some scrapes in his time. Little could he have imagined that his acolytes included the Swedish Secret Service, Sapo, which escaped a big fine on a technicality after staging an $800,000 fancy dress party in 007's honour attended by 1,000 guests.

The Swedish newspaper, the Local, is reporting today that at the party, presumably modelled on Daniel Craig's Casino Royale, "intelligence staff enjoyed a gala dinner and gambled with fake money in a casino."

True to form, it had a code name, "Project Åland", after an island in the Baltic Sea. According to the paper, the head of the secret service said, "the party was a perk for staff members who were under pressure after a particularly stressful year. They had dealt with terror threats, a suicide bombing and a company reorganization."

It wasn't clear whether bottles of Bollinger were on the menu, let alone whether the Martinis were shaken or stirred, but the 5.3 million kronor ($802,500) bill raised the kind of eyebrows that would have earned Bond a sound telling off from M, whose presence has not been confirmed. Nor, of course, do we expect it to be.

It transpires, though, that Sapo knows a thing or two about keeping things secret. The party happened in June 2011 and only came to the attention of Sweden's feared Competition Authority after the statute of limitations had run out this July, thus absolving the Swedish secret services of any responsibility for failing to have put the party out to public tender.

Daniel Craig was unavailable for comment. We would, however, welcome information as to his whereabouts at the time the party took place, especially from anyone who witnessed a man in a tuxido boarding a flight to Sweden with what appeared to be a gun in his pocket.

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