Good luck, Nadine.

Nadine Dorries is to appear on a reality TV show, conjuring images of Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother

by on 6 November 2012 10:18

While the Prime Minister is in the Gulf selling arms, Twitter is up in them! 

When it was announced late last night that Nadine Dorries would be appearing on television in the annual supplement of Only Thickos Watch This, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, lefties and even moderate conservatives took to the Twitters to excoriate the fiery Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire. 

Hypocrisy of course is a pre-requisite on Twitter. You're no one unless you've changed your mind fifty times over the past six weeks, predicated on delusions of political capital that you can conjure up for yourself or your cause. So of course lefties that supported George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother and Lembit Opik on whatever the hell he was on swiftly took to accusing Dorries of abandoning her constituents.

Abandonment for the best part of a couple of weeks is, correct me if I'm wrong, what most of the British voting public want from their politicians anyway. Regardless, Nadine has a capable office to administer her duties in her stead and I'm sure, being the smart cookie that she is, she'll plan for any urgent and emergency situations that need tending to.

Anyway now that the naysayers are taken care of, let's move on to what Nadine can do for conservatism on reality TV. 

Granted, there's little pride in devouring a chicken's penis or a mug of ants testicles, or whatever they have on the show - but I'm led to believe that there's also downtime which is televised, where contestants get to talk about every day things such as their jobs and the news cycle and so forth. On this basis, it's great to have a conservative voice represented on the show. 

People view conservatives as arrogant posh boys (ahem) with a stick up their arses. Nadine is anything but.

If it takes guzzling the juices from a lamb's uterus to prove it, then who is one of the only people in Parliament with the fortitude to achieve such a task? Why Dorries, of course. (Plus in reality it's probably less brutal than the Commons chamber).

Last season I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here averaged nine million viewers per episode. That's more than the BBC Ten O' Clock News, and she'll be on it every night.

Quite the platform to the voting public. Good luck Nadine. 

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