Peace at any price

Is a pessimistic outlook on Obama's second term foreign policy fair?

by Alan Melkman on 8 November 2012 10:50

Now here’s a thing. The bookies called Obama 2 to 9 on favourite.

Mighty odds for the incumbent. Almost certain to be re-elected. At the same time all the media wonks were saying that opinion polls showed it (the election) was on a knife edge, too close to call. Gosh this sounds exciting! The implication ‘you must watch the results coming in on our channel’.

Talk about watching paint dry!

Well now it’s all over and it’s done and the world waits for the decisions of the most powerful leader on earth. Obviously to Americans this means an internal focus on subsidised healthcare and ploughing money into lame duck sectors like the motor industrial complex to safeguard jobs and the like.

That these policies will further accelerate the economic decline of the US I will not concern myself with. More important for us mere provincials is the US world order perception and how Obama will use his influence, nay power, to safeguard the values and aspirations of the free world. Values of free speech, protection of minorities, and all that other stuff

And this is where real fears bubble to the surface. Track record more than indicates he has managed the stunning feat of emboldening the free world’s enemies whilst abandoning and leaving allies out to dry.

How so?

-  In Britain’s confrontation with Argentina over the Falklands he has put his weight behind the South Americans;

-  In Egypt, Libya and other Middle East countries he has abandoned dictatorial allies whilst allowing extremist anti-western absolutists to assume power;

-  In the West’s battle against Islamism he has switched focus laser like on al Qaida and revelled in the battle won with Osama’s assassination whilst totally ignoring the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists who have inherited the Arab Spring across the Middle East;

-  He has blanked out the oppression and ethnic cleansing of millions of Christians in Muslim majority territories;

-  His non action over a nuclear Iran is pushing Israel into a corner from which a war seems the only way out.

I could go on!

Where to from here with regard to US foreign policy?

During Obama’s second term, when he doesn’t have to be concerned with re-election, foreign policy will be determined by what he wishes his legacy to be. I suggest he will want to be marked in the pages of history as the man who brought peace to the world. Noble, desirable, idealistic without doubt and just the sort of problem a great thinker like himself can solve!

But how? Amongst the West’s enemies where doctrines of mistrust, hatred and revenge linked to perceived ancient wrongs are more powerful than the reality of the modern world then Obama’s strong inclination is to appease the oppressors and blame the West thereby undermining the oppressed.

Of course this will involve kotowing to the forces of evil to an even greater extent than in his first term. One can only dread the implications for the modern world. This approach may work as it is in the nature of things that the strong wipe out the weak and hence the problem disappears.

Hopefully I’m over pessimistic but in case I’m not, save any other greater power coming to our rescue: God help us all.

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