Once upon a time, in Greenpeace la la land...

Fighting Greenpeace's shock tactics with shock tactics...

by The Humph on 13 November 2012 13:01

Having seemingly been on hiatus since the end of their 1993 TV series, The Animals of Farthing Wood -- or at least some of their distant, yet equally maligned, relatives -- have made a storming comeback in a new Greenpeace ad campaign.

Nobody likes over-simplification in these matters, and I'd doubt whether even Hannibal Lecter would get his kicks from the plight of baby squirrels, but here's an alternative bedtime story for Greenpeace...

Once there were

three young children

living with their mother and father in the third

world. One morning, the little ones

were getting kind of hungry while

waiting for mum and dad to bring home the bacon.

After Greenpeace had done their best to

block growth in their country, their

mother and father couldn't find

work, so they starved

to death.

As I said, nobody likes over-simplification...

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