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Hague condemns rocket-fire into Israel by Palestinian terrorists

William Hague has issued a statement commenting on rocket attacks by Palestinian terrorist groups on Israel and Israeli air-strikes on Gaza

by Natalie Glanvill on 13 November 2012 13:41


On behalf of the British Government, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, William Hague, has issued a statement commenting on rocket attacks by Palestinian terrorist groups on Israel and Israeli air-strikes on Gaza.

He said, "I am very concerned by the violence in Gaza and southern Israel, and the reported death of a number of civilians, including a child, in Gaza."

"I condemn the indiscriminate firing of over 100 rockets into Israel by Gaza-based militants," he continued.

Hague added, "The UK supports the Egyptian Government in its efforts to achieve a ceasefire. All sides need to demonstrate restraint to prevent a dangerous escalation that would be in no one's interests."

A new video posted to YouTube on Sunday depicts multiple 107mm rockets being launched at “Zionist sites” late that evening by Palestinian terrorists.

The video provides evidence that Palestinian terrorists have increased their efforts to attack Israel in recent days and contains the official seal of the Al-Quds Brigades, the official armed wing of the militant group Islamist Jihad.

Violence relating to these instances first erupted on Saturday when Palestinians fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) jeep that was patrolling Israel’s border area with Gaza and injured four Israeli soldiers. It has been confirmed by the IDF that since November 10th, 121 rockets have hit Israel.

In retaliation, the Israeli military responded in an attack which killed four Palestinian terrorists and targeted a “weapon manufacturing facility, two weapon storage facilities and two rocket launching sites in the northern Gaza strip”, an IDF spokesman said.

In contrast to Hague's vocal condemnation of the violence, the White House has remained silent and has yet to comment on the recent attacks.

Former Pentagon advisor on Iraq, Michael Rubin, claims Obama is hostile to Israel’s right to self-defence.

“It’s worth noting that Hamas has been previously documented on several instances firing rockets into Israel. Hamas knows that at best, Obama is all bark and no bite and at worst, is actively hostile to Israel’s right to self-defense”.

For Israeli citizens, the escalation of rocket and mortar attacks has meant that more than one million civilians have had to take overnight refuge in bomb shelters and safe rooms, says an independent, non-profit organisation, The Israel Project.  

News reports of a Syrian mortar shell landing in the Golan Heights on Monday afternoon has raised fears that violence could again erupt in the volatile border zone between the two states in an area which was previously the staging ground for bitter Arab-Israeli wars.

In a statement issued by the IDF to the Washington Free Beacon, the force said, “it is worth noting that Hamas has been previously documented on several instances firing rockets at Israel”.

Entering the fourth day of conflict, it has been reported that the Israel Air Force (IAF) have hit targets in the Gaza strip overnight on Monday. The Jerusalem Post has reported today that an IAF office spokesman confirmed the “IAF have hit back at two rocket launching sites in the Northern Gaza Strip and a weapons storage site in Central Gaza overnight on Monday”.

Under the continuous barrage of rockets, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a security consultation yesterday to weigh up a possible military response. During a large meeting with foreign ambassadors in Ashkelon on Monday afternoon, Netanyahu told those present that the State of Israel will “take whatever action is necessary to put a stop to this. This is not merely our right, it’s also our duty”.

Natalie Glanvill is an Editorial Assistant at The Commentator and tweets at @NatalieGlanvil1

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