The Divided States of America

It seems that the United States' current establishment is about to get a taste of the old rebel nature

by Andrew Ian Dodge on 14 November 2012 10:52

The colonials in North America have a reputation for being tempestuous at the best of times. Britain knows only too well what happens when you push the denizens of North America too far. Well it seems that the United States' current establishment is about to get a taste of that rebel nature.

As of right now 48 of the ‘United’ States have posted petitions on the White House website asking the Obama administration to allow them to secede. Texas, which at one time was an independent nation, leads the way having reached the 25,000 level – this is the level the petition needs to get to in order to be "considered".  Petitions have 30 days to reach that point; the Texas petition took less than three. As the Daily Caller reports, it seems to be catching on.

"A petition from an Arlington, Texas man, launched Nov. 9 via the Obama White House website’s ‘We the People’ tool, had more than 58,000 signatures. That’s more than twice the 25,000 it had Monday morning, a number required to trigger an automatic White House review, according to the administration’s own published rules."

And it is not just the former Confederacy that is petitioning for independence. States all over have gotten in on the act and even my state of Maine has its own petitions.

Clearly reports of voter fraud in so-called "swing" states have not helped the post-election mood of many.

And to think Cameron merely has to deal with out-spoken MPs like Douglas Carswell bringing "crowd-sourced" bills to the House of Commons. Ironic, well at least for some of us who were there, that this effort in the US should be launched almost 20 years to the day since the infamous Maastricht Rebellion in the House of Commons.

Over-taxed and ignored citizens seem to be using the tools of the internet and modern communications to make themselves heard. This response from a critic of the petitions probably won't help matters.

And here I thought I was writing fiction in my new novel where the US breaks up peacefully.

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